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Becoming Truitt Skye: The Cave of Souls

Becoming Truitt Skye: The Cave of Souls by Adrea L. Peters continues the tale of the beloved Truvie Tucker like you would never imagine. We follow Truitt as she adjusts back to her life in The City on The Sea and copes with the death of her human self. Her acquaintances in The City on The Sea struggle to help our beloved Truitt perform the tasks she was called to do. It’s a classic spirit versus human realm tale that features real-life themes of depression and grief. Adrea L. Peters weaves us a mystical tale with wise messages strewn throughout.

First and foremost, I want to commend the author for writing about depression and grief in such a creative manner. We need to see more novels on the shelves portraying real-life human emotions in an artistic light.

The plot for this engaging novel was interesting, and I would love to see what else Peters comes up with. Peters’ writing is detailed when it comes to descriptions, so I was able to clearly picture the characters in my mind along with the surroundings. The author details what the characters look like, giving readers a chance to really visualize them. I was given a clear idea about where each soul was in time. The dialogue was easy to follow, and the conversations felt authentic and intriguing as I found Truitt to be a charming character. Not only did the conversations between characters flow smoothly, but they felt natural. I was immediately taken on an adventure alongside Truitt, and I found this book hard to put down.

Becoming Truitt Skye: The Cave of Souls is a teen and young adult novel that tackles some complex topics that teens deal with positively. The exciting fantasy story will captivate readers with action and adventure while exploring the magical realm of The City on the Sea.

Pages: 376 | ISBN : 0645015571

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Becoming Truitt Skye

Truvie Tucker, a 17-year-old Milwaukee girl who loves physics and quantum theory, spends her days with her dad doing physics experiments in his shed. One day Truvie suffers from a devastating head injury, for which she’ll need surgery. When she goes under the anesthesia, she travels to another realm… The City of the Sea, and discovers that she’s actually Truitt Skye, a powerful soul who left the City 17 years ago to save humanity from being destroyed. “How could this be?” She wondered. Truvie has no memory of this prior life at all. Now it’s up to Truvie to remember who she is and save the world.

When it comes to Becoming Truitt Skye, author Adrea L. Peters writes this piece masterfully. Using powerful language from page one, she truly captures your imagination while she guides you through her book with simple and easy-to-understand dialogue. Teaching readers about love, family, science, spirituality, and so much more along the way. Peters has a talent for crafting memorable characters that will make you fall in love with them. Readers will be filled with nostalgia of their own childhood as they follow Truvie’s riveting story.

Becoming Truitt Skye, by Adrea L. Peters will make readers believe in magic and science, fill them with excitement and frustration, and take them on a captivating journey. From page one readers will be drawn into this enchanting novel, the writing style is in-depth and allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the world created by Adrea L Peters. Fans of teen fiction and young adult readers will enjoy this magical escape.

Pages: 299 | ASIN: B089727PGY

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