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To grow, we have to release.

Adrea L. Peters Author Interview

Becoming Truitt Skye: The Cave of Souls follows a woman torn between her past self and who she is now while being overwhelmed with the responsibilities that are placed on her. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

What a terrific question! Thank you. The series reflects my desire ( read: obsession) with the journey we take as women to “become” who we are, which to me, is self-possessed and in love with the life we have lived, are living, and will live. To grow, we have to release. As always, I take most of my inspiration from nature. Like the seed, we break through the casings protecting us, then we have to get through the earth, rocks and all, in order to slowing unravel, grow stronger and stronger in our stems/cores, expand with our leaves and blooms, rest when the sun goes down and continue the next day until the winter returns and we die/transform and begin again, a wee different the following spring. Change means part dies for new growth to emerge. I wanted to express that aspect of growth in this series.

Truitt goes through a lot of emotions in this novel as she adapts. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Another awesome question! Thank you. The Cave of Souls falls in the middle of Truitt’s journey. And like all of us in the middle of our story, she knows the only forward is to let go of the past and she DOES NOT WANT TO/fears the unknown. I wanted it to be explosive. I wanted massive resistance, and pain. In fiction, we can overindulge to give the reader an experience. They can potentially have this hyper-experience so that their growth feels do-able. Or at least that is my dream for the reader… “if Truitt can, I can,” kind of love logic. Truitt is fighting the change she must make to become more, like we all do. We see the dream we want to live, and yet, we sabotage ourselves for fear we don’t deserve it. She is meant to be a role model for all of us to let ourselves express, and be, and live and die, and become more. Always more.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I love a theme! The main theme I explored in Cave (my short name for the book), was “you have to feel your way there.” To me how we feel dictates who we are and what we do. It is the vibration beneath the action. So, of course, to take Truitt and the reader on the experience, I had to make Truiit attempt to avoid her feelings… which never works, but we forget that because we “think” that are thoughts will save us. My truth is that feelings come first, then thoughts. Mastering, by which I mean loving, our emotions, includes/requires expressing, celebrating and owning our feelings . This is the path to living the life of our dreams. Another theme of T2 was, “nothing we do is wrong. It is clarity in motion.” We are all so hard on ourselves for our mistakes and failures… it drives me insane that we are so terrible to ourselves.. I wanted to show that when we fail, we earn clarity and clarity is a superpower. It’s a classic theme that we can never hear too much!

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am in the process of editing the final book of the Becoming Truitt Skye series: The Equation for Imagination. It will release later this year.

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Obsessed with finding Eva, Truitt is at her wit’s end and incredibly destructive on all levels. She refuses to accept her responsibilities in the City on the Sea and to all souls round the world. Furthermore, Truitt will not let anyone help her. Truth be told, everyone has had quite enough of the explosive Miss Skye. Yet, fragment by fragment, Truitt begins to piece her soul together and become more of who she is with the love, guidance, and snark of her dearest loves. Join her for another exciting, jaw-dropping, heart-opening adventure. It is absolutely worth the ride for the shocking ending best-selling author Adrea L. Peters delivers.

Nothing Ever Ends

Adrea L. Peters
Adrea L. Peters Author Interview

Becoming Truitt Skye follows a teen that undergoes surgery, but when she’s put under she wakes up in a fantastic new world and life she has no memory of living. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I wanted to reverse engineer the notion that death is an ending. As a lover of science and physics, in particular, there is the notion that energy is neither created or destroyed. It changes. So I combined a hero’s journey beyond life in a human body. And had such a wonderful time doing so!

What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Primarily that what we believe to be true is true. And that courage is never a solo act. It takes family and friends and trusting in ourselves and our imagination of the best possible outcome. And lastly that we are not separated from our soul and all the souls forevermore. Connecting to all that is and ever was fills us with love and great strength.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The main theme to me is Nothing Ever Ends. It becomes more. Always.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on Becoming Truitt Skye 3: The Equation for Imagination. It will be out in Spring 2022.

Becoming Truitt Skye 2: The Cave of Souls is out and available at all major booksellers. Quick links here:

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Book 1: The City on the Sea
Truvie suddenly stood next to a bald man wearing a bright blue three-piece suit and a navy-blue tie with pale green polka dots. Books and maps surrounded them. A library. A giant, 
lose-yourself-for-days library. Must be a university.
Waves crashed into jagged glass rocks several stories below their view out to a raging sea. She saw herself in the glass, soaking wet and shivering. Her lips blue, quivering. 
Squinting at his reflection, she knew him. “Granddaddy?”
“Welcome home, Truitt Skye. We’ve been expecting you.” 
This exciting new quantum fiction series will challenge your expectations of what is real and what is imagined and leave you questioning whether there is any difference between the two. What you want is always available to you in an instant. 
Can you feel it? 
Welcome to the City on the Sea, dear readers. 
We are extremely pleased to have you here.

Becoming Truitt Skye

Truvie Tucker, a 17-year-old Milwaukee girl who loves physics and quantum theory, spends her days with her dad doing physics experiments in his shed. One day Truvie suffers from a devastating head injury, for which she’ll need surgery. When she goes under the anesthesia, she travels to another realm… The City of the Sea, and discovers that she’s actually Truitt Skye, a powerful soul who left the City 17 years ago to save humanity from being destroyed. “How could this be?” She wondered. Truvie has no memory of this prior life at all. Now it’s up to Truvie to remember who she is and save the world.

When it comes to Becoming Truitt Skye, author Adrea L. Peters writes this piece masterfully. Using powerful language from page one, she truly captures your imagination while she guides you through her book with simple and easy-to-understand dialogue. Teaching readers about love, family, science, spirituality, and so much more along the way. Peters has a talent for crafting memorable characters that will make you fall in love with them. Readers will be filled with nostalgia of their own childhood as they follow Truvie’s riveting story.

Becoming Truitt Skye, by Adrea L. Peters will make readers believe in magic and science, fill them with excitement and frustration, and take them on a captivating journey. From page one readers will be drawn into this enchanting novel, the writing style is in-depth and allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the world created by Adrea L Peters. Fans of teen fiction and young adult readers will enjoy this magical escape.

Pages: 299 | ASIN: B089727PGY

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