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Itchy Witchy Magic: A magical adventure rhyme

Itchy Witchy Magic: A magical adventure rhyme (Itchy Witchy Magic - Magical Adventure Rhymes) by [Annie Hesse]

Itchy Witchy Magic takes young readers on a Halloween themed rhyming adventure filled with beautifully illustrated pages, a cute little witch, and fun rhymes on every other page. Readers go on a bewitching adventure where we join a friendly witch to brew a potion, make some bat-spit soup and take off on a flying broom to play a trick on an owl that ends in disaster.

What I loved most about this charming children’s story is the pages that are filled with items of all sorts. Children will love looking through each page trying to find different things. It’s sort of a mini reward for every rhyming page that is read, a colorful page filled with interesting things comes next. The story is simple and cute. The rhyming words help new readers develop reading comprehension skills as words are repeated and small words are used throughout the story.

This is an enchanting picture book as well as an enjoyable activity book. Several pages of activities come at the end of the book with puzzles, coloring pages, and seek-and-find activities that are sure to keep kids busy well after the story is over, and keep kids coming back to find items they may have missed. All the items filling the pages also makes this book suitable for toddlers. As parents read the story, they can ask their child to find different items on the page, helping with item identification and name recognition.

Itchy Witchy Magic is a fun and colorful children’s picture book that is sure to delight young readers and is a fantastic addition to any parent or teachers reading list.

Pages: 43 | ASIN: B093PMPDGM

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