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Perception is an enjoyable collection of poetry written by multiple authors, which includes different forms and styles for every reader’s preference. Each author has their own section with a dedication page that precedes their poetry. A collection of drawings and photographs from different artists are scattered throughout its pages incorporating the different ways poets and artists perceive life. Its concluding pages contain a meet the authors and artists section. Written from a college-age perspective, this poetic and artistic compilation makes for a pleasurable read.

The collection of poems contains a variety of styles of poetry which is perfect for those looking for an unpredictable read. The writing differs in style, which is a pleasant surprise as no two poems are identical. Each author has several intriguing poems that are worth reading, especially for those who have a great appreciation for art. I appreciated that the compilation of poems contains the perspectives of both male and female writers making this a diverse read.  

One of my favorite poems is titled Euphoria, I felt that the author perfectly described what it means to be in a state of euphoria, and I felt at peace while reading this poem. I appreciated that at the end of each poem, the author’s name was placed so that we know who the writer of a specific poem is. In the introduction, the author shares with the reader, “Our work is meant to be seen, collected, discarded, diagnosed, broken down, analyzed, criticized, admired, hated, discussed, etc.” This sentence stood out to me because I can feel each author’s sense of pride and accomplishment for their work. The images included in the poems are an excellent touch, as some were humorous, and others were a piece of art. At the end of the collection is a Meet the Poets/Artists section which I felt was an excellent way to connect with the authors, and I enjoyed reading a little about them.

Perception is a creative collection of distinct pieces of work from authors who are humble, creative, and unique. I highly recommend this book to those studying art or poetry or who want to enjoy a fantastic art collection.

Pages: 288 | ISBN : 1456763016

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No Unpaid Passengers

No Unpaid Passengers is an emotionally riveting collection of poems written by author Pam R. Johnson Davis. The collection is organized into six sections: I: Unpaid Pain, II: The Next Stop, III: Alone on the Night Train, IV: Love on the Ride, V: End of the Line, and VI: Afterword: Anybody Can Write a Poem (Or How Rejection Turned into a TED Talk). Serious themes such as racism, assault, divorce, and religion intermingle with themes of love, friendship, joy, home, and beauty to take readers on an incredibly raw and relatable journey.

Author Pam Johnson Davis does an incredible job of telling a story that touches everyone in some way. Davis plays into expectations with her use of slang and familiar language, using those devices to bring to life personal experiences and paint clear pictures of real-life situations that readers can relate to. Through those grounding narratives, Davis can so effectively tackle less tangible themes of love, loss, betrayal, grief, hope, and joy. Through her own experiences with marriage and divorce, Davis leads readers to question their ideas of relationships, commitment, and love. Through her experiences as a black person, a woman, and a member of the church, Davis brings up ideas about religion, trauma, sexism, racism, determination, optimism, and acceptance, both of self and others. Following this pattern, No Unpaid Passengers is able to operate as a book of revelation, showing readers the pervasive connectivity of the human experience: what you go through, someone else has gone through, and what you feel, someone else has felt.

I highly recommend this collection of raw beauty and vulnerability, in which Davis depicts her experiences. She writes not as an individual but as a representative of the human experience, providing an opportunity to connect both with the unfamiliar outside of ourselves and that which hides within.

No Unpaid Passengers is an emotional collection of poetry that takes readers on a journey through human experiences in a way that will stay with them long after they put the book down. These poems will leave readers feeling everything from one end of the spectrum to the other, a true representation of life, the joys, and the sorrows.

Pages: 90 | ASIN : B0BC5NXXXS

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