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INTO the WELL: Warlock Chronicles, Book II by [Bobbie R. Byrd]

Bryanna is exceptional in many ways. There is no one whose powers can rival those she holds. When she is asked to force the Maelstrom into the Well, her hesitation is only fleeting. She knows what must be done. With her trusted confidant and life guide, T’Laan by her side, Bryanna does as she is asked. The Maelstrom’s presence in the Well marks presents a whole new dilemma for Bryanna. She is now the unknowing target of much interest and is about to be blamed for a death for which she is not responsible. This is one time when her abilities may cost her the ultimate price.

Into the Well: Warlock Chronicles, Book II, by Bobbie R. Byrd, picks up where Byrd’s first installment left off. Main character, Bryanna D’Isaac continues to be a force with which to be reckoned and commands readers’ attention from the first page. Although this book is the second in a series it still works fairly well as a stand alone novel, but reading the first book is quite helpful as the characters’ backstories are complicated ones. Readers who enjoyed Byrd’s first book will appreciate the character development in book two.

Byrd is a master of suspense and action. Book two in the Warlock series is certainly no exception. Cover to cover, main character, Bryanna, faces one incredibly challenging situation after another. Her exceptionalities are quite amazing and help keep the book’s pace brisk and engaging. She is one of the most unique characters I have read in a long time. The mixture of the ancients and futuristic elements works well and creates fascinating visuals for Byrd’s readers.

As strong of a main character as Bryanna is, I feel T’Laan and Glyndra make the story what it is. Their personalities are unique, and the dynamic they each have with Bryanna is both charming and provides readers with the perfect amount of humor. I found myself looking forward to their scenes as much or more than I did the action sequences.

Readers looking for a new science fiction series will find themselves taken with Bryanna D’Isaac and Devon Bastion and their adventures. Having read book one in Byrd’s series, it was most definitely interesting to see the ever-evolving dynamic between Bryanna and Devon continue into book two. I highly recommend Into the Well: Warlock Chronicles, Book II to any science fiction fan looking to break into an exciting new series.

Pages: 478 | ASIN: B09FKQ49VC

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LADY SILVER: Warlock Chronicles, Book I by [Bobbie R. Byrd]

Bryanna is powerful. It is entirely within the realm of possibility that she is more powerful than even she believes or understands. It is certain that others greatly underestimate the contribution she will soon make. A member of a race different in so many ways from humans, she is able to channel energy, perceive the feelings and internal cries of others, and maintain a shield of defense around herself and those she is bound to protect. There is an apocalypse on the horizon. Those who are responsible know not what they are about to encounter in Bryanna D’Isaac–the woman who is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Lady Silver: Warlock Chronicles, Book I, by Bobbie R. Byrd, is the science fiction masterpiece centered around main character, Bryanna D’Isaac. Byrd has created an engaging storyline for fans of technologically-rich novels. Cover to cover, Lady Silver delivers action and drama all the while providing readers with superb character development.

Right out of the gate, Byrd’s novel sets audiences up for quite the adventure. We are introduced to the determined Syndria and her intense focus on the mission she has been handed. There is a certain level of ominous doom surrounding readers’ first moments with Syndria. The feeling of building anticipation is addressed on nearly every page. Byrd never allows readers to lose sight of the characters’ missions and the imminent danger which they all face.

Science fiction tales can not stand alone on futuristic aspects–there absolutely must be characters with depth who snag my attention. Byrd absolutely provides that with Bryanna D’Isaac and Devon Bastion. There is something about the mixture of warlocks and space that gives Byrd’s book a special feel.

I truly love the combination of wizardry and science fiction in this novel. Characters Bryanna and Devon could not have been paired any more perfectly. I highly recommend Lady Silver: Warlock Chronicles to anyone looking for a new science fiction author/series to follow. This book contains no lulls, no breaks in the action, and packs a great punch. I look forward to reading more of Byrd’s works.

Pages: 344 | ASIN: B0997Y4T2B

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