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The Power Of Resilience

Author Interview
Kenneth Nixon Author Interview

Born Into Crisis shares your story of childhood trauma and growing up with mental health issues in yourself and your family members. Why was this an essential book for you to write?

It is essential to share stories of our journeys because they can help provide insight and understanding into the experiences of others dealing with similar issues and provide a sense of comfort and solidarity. By normalizing conversations around mental health, we can help create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. That is why I wrote this book—to show that it is possible to speak about complex topics and to share your story in a way that can help others. More importantly, those directly impacted have a vested stake in helping to compel change, and this book is just one step in that direction. As a person who has experienced trauma, I feel it is necessary to give voice to these stories. It is also an opportunity to bring awareness that we are all impacted differently by personal and collective crises, regardless of socio-economic status or race.

What were some important ideas for you to share in this book?

One of the main ideas I wanted to share was that trauma, especially early childhood, can have long-term impacts on our physical and mental health. People need to understand that traumatic experiences can manifest in various ways throughout life—from depression and anxiety to addiction to issues with self-esteem and relationships. I also wanted to emphasize the power of resilience and how we can use our pain as a source of growth and strength. I want readers to recognize that there is no shame in seeking help when dealing with mental health issues. The problem is that the current system in the US is not set up uniformly, in a coordinated way, to provide adequate access to care. Too often, the system over-prioritizes a criminal justice response to mental health concerns. I wanted to clarify that we need to actively advocate for change and more humane policies regarding mental health care. Mental health is not a sexy topic but is one of human importance.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

The policy proposals and recommendations came quickly because I have been working on mental health-related issues for some time. Still, the raw, honest account of my experiences was the hardest to write. I wrote this book to help others understand how trauma and unresolved childhood issues can follow us into adulthood and affect our lives profoundly. I also wanted to maintain relatability in my writing, so I had to make sure that the story was not just about me but that it could be used as a portal for readers to explore their own experiences and see a concrete, actionable path forward. The book is very nuanced and complex, it’s an easy read in some ways too, but there are generational components, which can be challenging to communicate clearly and concisely. I am proud of the work that I have done, but it was a challenge. 

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

Look, I am a very straightforward, realistic person. Everyone that is a reader of this book will have a takeaway. Some will have a valuable takeaway, others not so much, and there will be those who read this book who will believe they got absolutely nothing out of it. What I want everyone to take away is that this issue is complex and nuanced and needs every story, every voice, and spirit to work together to compel change. We need to listen, learn and be open – even if we don’t agree with each other. If we can push the conversation forward without silencing different people, we can find some resolution and acceptance. Mental health should no longer be taboo in our society, and we must discuss it openly and honestly. This book is my attempt to take a step in that direction, but I hope readers take away the importance of listening to all sides to create meaningful change. We have a mental health crisis in this country, and we all need to be part of the solution.

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Born Into Crisis

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Kenneth Nixon Jr. plainly explains his childhood in Born Into Crisis. From start to finish, he has survived and conquered many trials. He leaves nothing out while detailing the abuse of his childhood. Along the way, he gives advice on handling loved ones suffering from mental health issues. His own mom suffered from them, which is why he became an advocate for mental health. Finally, he tells his story of overcoming great odds to have healthy relationships. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. Expertly written and easy to read. I, unfortunately, can relate to a lot of his childhood trauma. His advice and tips for helping those struggling with mental health issues are accurate. He is very knowledgeable about how to handle his mental health issues as well as others. His childhood is very similar to mine. The emotional, mental, and physical abuse that he went through at a young age is comparable to what I went through. His messed-up childhood takes place mainly in Arlington, Virginia. From poor parenting to a parent with bipolar disorder, he lets the reader know just how stressful life can be.

Throughout everything, he ultimately maintains hope and becomes a parent himself. I found this book to be dramatic, informational, and thrilling. I appreciate how plainly he explains the trauma he went through. He doesn’t over-exaggerate anything or make it overly dramatic. He calmly tells his story as though he has done it a thousand times. Which he probably has due to therapy. Hardships like his can either make or break a man. Truly broken men don’t write memoirs. His entire book is written like he was speaking. He mentions his ADHD, and you can tell from his writing style that he wrote the book to be like he was speaking. There were several mannerisms in his writing that, on a side note, were quite comical. He goes in-depth with all of the mental health issues he discusses. It was a truly fascinating story to read. 

Pages: 232 | ISBN: 1950476561

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