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Vivian’s Perfectly Imperfect Adventure – Book Trailer

The second book of the Vivian’s Perfectly Imperfect series is a biblical reference to Proverbs 11:25, where Jesus describes the benefits of being a generous person.

When Vivian decides to take her Mom’s jewelry and ends up losing a stone from it, her brothers each have an opportunity to be generous with their time to help her find it. While Vivian must learn the consequences of her bad choices, we get to see one of her brothers shine his light by being generous with his time to help Vivian find the missing stone.

Vivian’s Perfectly Imperfect Adventure

Vivian needs some treasure to make today’s adventure a success. Her mother’s necklace will work perfectly. Now, the first quest is to get it out of her mom’s jewelry box without her noticing. She plans on bringing it back when she’s done playing, but when she loses one of the stones during her fun-filled adventure, she and her brother search for the stone until the sun sets. Will she find the stone? Will her mother forgive her?

Author Brandy Clark has written a fun-filled adventure that is built upon something most children will be able to relate to. Taking something that is not theirs. Vivian is a lively character that exudes a passion for life and the lesson she learns through the story is vividly portrayed thanks to the fantastic artwork by illustrator Jade Fang.

I enjoyed how the valuable life lessons are delivered in this wonderful children’s book. I did not even notice it until near the end of the story. How Vivian’s brother gave up his time to help his sister. I liked how subtly this was handled in the story. When Vivian comes to the realization in the story that she made a lifelong ally, so does the reader, and this sudden awareness is so much more impactful.

Vivian’s Perfectly Imperfect Adventure is a delightful picture book that teaches young readers an important lesson while entertaining them with vivid artwork and an enjoyable story.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B0B9RDPRK2

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