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Powerless But Not Helpless

Powerless But Not Helpless by Buddy C. is a self-help book about taking steps to overcome addictive behaviors and alcoholism.  This exceptional book is written with inspiration from Tao Te Ching, a highly regarded work of Chinese classic literature addressing how to live a virtuous life, from the wisdom of Lao Tzu. The author addresses how to live a life free of addiction and alcoholism while pulling from the wisdom of Lao Tzu and applying life virtues to the recovery journey. 

Readers will discover a book that is rich with practical tips and wisdom to help those struggling with a life of addiction, ensuring that the recovery journey is holistic and spiritually sound. Buddy C. takes a well-rounded approach to address recovery with virtues, personal affirmations, and spiritual fruit. He addresses 81 verses of Lao Tzu and applies them to the recovery process. With statements from Living To Give and Surrendering Expectations to Love Is The Bridge and My Loss Is My Gain, there are many calls to action throughout this book to provide help and support for anyone who reads it. 

There is much wisdom in the pages of this influential book for anyone struggling with substance abuse, addiction, and even low self-esteem. The author provides readers with the tools needed at any stage of their recovery. I really appreciated that the author shared his personal experience with readers, which made me feel confident in the advice he provided.

Powerless But Not Helpless can help readers develop a positive mindset and overcome obstacles they might face during their lifetime. Readers who enjoy self-help books, and words of wisdom, will find this an enlightening read. For those looking to better themselves, this is an excellent place to start that journey to become a more well-rounded person with a broader mindset. I feel this could be a challenging read, filled with self-reflection, but the outcome is worth it. 

Pages: 191 | ASIN : B09HMPHY7V

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