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Calypso’s Heart: An Orion’s Order Novel

Calypso's Heart: An Orion’s Order Novel by [M.C. Solaris]

Calypso’s Heart by M.C. Solaris is a vibrant, romantic novel with lots of action and quick development woven into a brilliant story. Caly works a regular job and enjoys a routine much like everyone else until she encounters a handsome stranger who unexpectedly makes an appearance. There are strange, vivid dreams and strange sensations of feeling connections to a different world or realm of existence. Caly quickly learns that her everyday life is about to change in a significant way, whether she’s prepared to accept it or not.

The story begins with a dream and an intense, page-turning pace. Caly is a perceptive character who takes her life earnestly, visits the local coffee shop, battling the daily traffic jam, and embracing the daily grind every week. The narration quickly shifts into another layer of society, where there are secret missions and law enforcement agencies that patrol and monitor a realm beyond our own. As Caly’s everyday life begins to unravel due to a few misfortunes, her world begins to collide with another, changing the trajectory of her life.

There’s a quick yet comfortable pace in this book, which eagerly takes the reader on an invigorating journey into a captivating paranormal world. Caly’s perspective is narrated in between other developments to paint a bigger picture beyond her small but turbulent working world. Caly is a relatable character who is easily likable and fun to follow. She becomes our involuntary guide into an alluring realm that challenges her, and the reader, beyond the everyday world we know, with lots of compelling discoveries, with sexy shifters and vampires littered throughout he world.

I really enjoyed the vivid world building in this story. The supernatural lore in the story is thoroughly developed, which helped pull me into this magical world. The storyline is filled with impassioned moments where the drama and emotion is high, but handled with deft prose that keeps things engaging if not believable.

With an easy to like protagonist and a fascinating world, I was easily swept away with the story, but I felt like there was a deluge of events and details that sometimes felt overwhelming. But this is the life that Caly lives and it certainly speaks to the emotional-rollercoaster that she goes on.

Calypso’s Heart is a sultry paranormal romance novel with an intriguing story and compelling characters, it’s definitely a book that is hard to put down. Fans of True Blood will find plenty to enjoy in M.C. Solaris’s thrilling supernatural love story.

Pages: 640 | ASIN: B08CX9M5D8

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