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A Dead Love Interest

David Gittlin Author Interview

Cataclysm: End of Worlds follows Jacob and his AI companion as their discovery of a dead body sets them on an adventure where the fate of worlds hangs in the balance. What inspired the setup to this novella?

I wanted to introduce a love interest for Jacob, and it seems the mystery element injects itself into my stories when I’m not looking. I did not intend to start the story with a dead love interest. The idea came to me as I was writing the first chapter. The death-to-life angle appealed to me, and I thought it would add interest to the story.

What are some challenges that you enjoy taking on when writing novellas?

It’s a challenge to face the unknown. It’s also very scary. It requires faith and gumption, and some degree of insanity. I used to write outlines. Now, I throw down pages of story ideas. It’s more fun this way. It’s also scarier. There is always the lurking fear that what I’m writing will suck. I think the first two books were well received. I’m trying (hoping) not to disappoint in Book 3. It’s certainly a challenge.

What were some ideas that you were excited to explore in this book?

I wanted to deepen the characters, their backgrounds, and their relationships. I believe these factors pushed the plot forward into multi-faceted and unexplored areas. I particularly liked the idea of Amy’s resurrection and Arcon’s evolving consciousness. I liked how, in some ways, the book seemed to be writing itself. That was a new experience.

This is book two in The Silver Sphere series. What can readers expect in book three?

I will be introducing a fourth character to the team. The plot will be more complex. I hope book three will go to at least twenty chapters (parts). I’m working out the middle and the end of the story as we speak. The story may end as a trilogy. We’ll have to see what happens.

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When Jacob Cassel and his telepathic AI companion discover a dead body on a lonely Florida beach, it is only the beginning of an adventure that holds the fate of our world and the destiny of other worlds in the balance.

Each book in The Silver Sphere series is “free-standing.” You can read these books in any order. The author provides enough background information in each novella to orient readers to the characters and other relevant details.
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