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I Wanted My Vampires To Exist

David Gittlin
David Gittlin Author Interview

Scarlet Ambrosia follows a man who faces a life-altering choice after meeting a beautiful vampire and learning of a secret and dangerous underworld. How did you come up with the idea behind this novel?

Believe it or not, the story began with a question: How does a nice Jewish accountant tell his parents he’s been turned into a vampire? I’m from a conservative Jewish background, and I was very close with my parents while they were alive. I tried to imagine myself in the lead character’s shoes. How would he deal with this life-changing event in the context of his relationships with parents, siblings, brother-in-law, and a very close friend and business associate? The story grew from there. 

What were some new ideas you wanted to introduce into the vampire genre?

I wanted my vampires to exist during the day without the sun burning them up. They are living, breathing, human vampires. They are not “the undead.” They are not immortal. They can be killed if they are injured badly enough. I wanted to make these characters more human and relatable by changing the stereotypes. I took a close look at a vampire character who heads up the Vampire Council and the key role he plays in preparing the romantic couple (Devon and Mathilde) for their ultimate confrontation with the rogue villain. The villain (Egon Schiller) is up to some highly unusual evil in his bold flaunting of the Vampire Council’s rules.

What scene did you have the most fun writing?

In Chapter One, Devon meets a beautiful stranger (Mathilde de Roche) in a bar. I loved writing the subtle interplay of their dialogue in this scene. It came to me naturally and spontaneously. I did, however, extensively edit the first chapter.  

Do you plan on writing more supernatural romance stories?

I will most likely write a sequel to “Scarlet Ambrosia” when the time comes.

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A one night stand thrusts Devon Furst into the arms of a beautiful vampire lover, leaving him with a terrible choice: death or eternal life as a vampire.For a man aged twenty-eight and in perfect health, death is not an option. Mathilde’s alluring beauty makes the decision and her vampire blood easier to swallow. Devon must leave behind everyone and everything he holds dear to face a future full of uncertainty, and a five-hundred-year-old vampire with deadly preternatural powers and little regard for the laws of the legendary Vampire Council.

World-Ending Scenario

David Gittlin
David Gittlin Author Interview

The Silver Sphere follows a writer who finds a derelict AI which is the beginning of a wild intergalactic adventure. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

The novella began with a wisp of an idea for a short story on my blog. I’ve done this before. In every case, the story stayed short. I presented it as a single blog post. For some reason, The Silver Sphere refused to be relegated to a single post. It grew into a seven-part novella.

This is a riveting novella that is just under 50 pages. What inspired you to break this story up into seven parts?

The story grew to five continuing blog posts. After the fifth post, I said to myself, “Wait a minute. Only your wife and daughter plus a few friends are going to keep up with the story. Why not make it into a book?” So, I did.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I’d say friendships and emotional connections. I believe the world-ending scenario had to come, at least in part, from the threats of COVID and extremism prevalent and lurking in today’s world.

What can readers expect in the next story in the series?

The next book contains fourteen episodes. It’s twice as long as the first. I’m introducing a third main character. I have a bigger canvas that allows for more character development. It seems many of the reviews I read asked for these enhancements. The new book is titled, “Cataclysm–End of Worlds.” I expect to release it in early October 2021. I’m being deliberately coy about including more details.

PS–The Silver Sphere episodes are no longer available for free on my blog (

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Strolling on a moonlit beach, Jacob Casell contemplates the ending of his over-due manuscript. When Jacob stumbles across a shiny silver sphere, the artificial intelligence inside speaks to him telepathically. Jacob’s startling discovery is only the beginning of a real-life adventure that goes beyond anything his creative imagination has ever conceived. An apocalyptic event is hurtling towards the Earth at the speed of light, and there is no time to waste. The odds of surviving the catastrophe are shrinking by the second.

The Silver Sphere is a seven part story illustrated with colorful photos.

Rise Above And Overcome

David Gittlin
David Gittlin Author Interview

Three Days to Darkness follows a man that dies and is sent to Heaven but then is sent back to earth to save humanity from renegade angels. What was the inspiration for the setup in your story?

The novel started with two characters that popped into my head. They are almost direct opposites except for their shared ethnic background. Darius starts out as a straight arrow and Javon is a street thug. Their interaction has profound effects on both characters.

Darius is an intriguing character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

When I originally wrote this novel, I was feeling downtrodden by my circumstances and the people around me. I believe the driving force behind Darius arose from a need to rise above and overcome my limiting beliefs and outer circumstances.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Two major themes revolve around building self-confidence and mentoring. Like most heroes, Darius begins his journey concerned mostly with his small circle of relationships and his career goals. In his spare time, Darius helps out as a mentor to at-risk inner-city youths. I believe Darius’ community work is a major reason why he is chosen for the pivotal role he eventually plays in the course of human affairs. There are two other themes, but revealing them would be a spoiler.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’ve just completed a sequel to “The Silver Sphere–No Time to Waste.” The second novella in the series is titled “Cataclysm–End of Worlds.” The book is currently in production and I expect to release it in early October 2021.

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Heaven isn’t the reward Darius McPherson expected it to be. For one thing, he’s too young to be there. And now the Archangel Aaron and the Board of Director angels are telling him he has to return to earth to save humanity from itself and an army of renegade angels. He’s not exactly in the mood after losing everyone he loves, including the lovely Rebecca, the soul mate he was about to marry before he was killed in a drive-by shooting.

No one seems to care that Junior Operative Darius McPherson is woefully short of adequate training and skills for the difficult task ahead of him. The Archangel keeps assuring him he’s the man for the mission, while Darius wonders where the more experienced Senior Operatives have gone.

As his mission briefing draws to a close, the Archangel calmly announces that Darius has three days to defuse what his superiors refer to as “The Big Emergency,” a budding cataclysm that threatens the orderly evolution of consciousness itself.

Reluctantly, Darius accepts his assignment. Immediately after the Hyperspace Conveyor Tube deposits Darius in a run down section of Miami, Florida, Darius meets the first member of his mortal task force: seventeen-year-old Javon Quincy, a street hustler on the run from a botched robbery attempt.

Scarlet Ambrosia

Scarlet Ambrosia: Blood Is The Nectar Of Life by [David Gittlin]

Scarlet Ambrosia by David Gittlin is a gritty and steamy vampire novel laced with an air of criminal mystery that follows Devon Furst as he meets the enigmatic Mathilde de Roche. Devon is a sleek businessman used to expensive taste and a successful routine.  His connection with Mathilde occurs in the middle of several disappearances happening around downtown Miami, claiming the lives of many who look just like Devon.

While it seems that there is a mysterious threat on the Miami streets, Devon finds himself intimidated by the power that Mathilde herself holds. She seems to know more about him than he thought possible as they’ve only just met and spent time engaging in a casual relationship. But Mathilde has seen Devon for some time, and kept her sights trained on getting him. He’s suspicious of her allure and her cunning words, until he finally learns her devious secret: Mathilde is a vampire.

I enjoyed this new take on the typical vampire genre. The story itself was seductive and pulled me in, with Mathilde being such an enigmatic character. I liked the fact that the female character in this story had power in creating other vampires around her, while trying to escape the hold of her cruel companion. Her relationship with Devon was steamy and exciting and gave us an opportunity to learn about this vampire realm with unique clarity.  As a reader, we got to discover so much about the world just through Devon’s growth as a new vampire, the villains he met, and the hardships the people around him went through under vampire influence.

While I enjoyed the story, I felt that it was a bit rushed at the beginning, pulling us right into the world of Mathilde with little information about Devon. I would have liked to see a regular day in his life before he met Mathilde to give more context to what his life was like. However, I thought that once the story kicked into Devon’s life as a vampire and the loss he faced through this change, the fast pace helped keep the story exciting and lively.

If you want to read something fast-paced, intense, and dark, Scarlet Ambrosia is an amazing novel for you. The vampire underworld explored in this story is alluring and sexy and will draw in any reader. This book is perfect for someone looking for their next exciting read.

Pages: 355 | ASIN: B00PBCA0HU

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Stretched My Imagination To The Max

David Gittlin
David Gittlin Author Interview

Micromium follows a team of astronauts and specialists to investigate a mining accident on Mars, but they uncover some startling secrets along the way. What were some sources that informed this novella’s development?

I’m not a scientist nor do I have scientific training. Therefore, I had to read several books about the red planet. I also watched a few NASA video documentaries about Mars.

What challenges did you set for yourself as a writer with this book?

The real challenge lay in imagining the backdrop of the story on Mars. The research I did on the planet helped to fill in the blanks. Writing the novel definitely stretched my imagination to the max.

Where did you get the idea for Micromium?

The idea came to me in a dream. I remember seeing a glowing piece of ore in a cut-away view of an asteroid. I had read something about mineral mining on asteroids, the Moon, and Mars.

What do you enjoy the most about writing novellas?

Novellas are what’s happening for me lately. Currently, I’m writing a novella series that will contain at least three books. The three books together will comprise a good-sized novel, but they will also be separate stand-alone stories that readers can enjoy in any order.

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The year is 2038. Earth’s biosphere is on the brink of destruction from the effects of global warming and pollution. The World Energy Council has awarded a lucrative contract to a major US corporation to mine a precious ore discovered by the first manned mission to land on Mars. One kilo of Micromium can power a large city for a year without environmental side effects. Micromium promises to provide clean energy to a thirsty planet far into the future.When two people die in a mining accident on Mars, the World Energy Council sends Commander Logan Marchant and a crack team of astronaut specialists to investigate.Confronted with a lack of cooperation from the mining colonists, the investigation is further complicated by Logan’s growing attraction to the team’s beautiful and brainy geologist. While tensions and tempers rise, Logan and the audit team make one shocking discovery after another, until the investigation leads them into mortal danger, and ultimately, to a surprising conclusion.

The Silver Sphere

The Silver Sphere: It's Coming--No Time to Waste by [David Gittlin]

A short story centered around a writer contemplating the ending to his novel and an alien mirroring artificial intelligence that is shaped like a silver sphere both work together to stop the destruction of Earth. Given its length, the story jumps straight in without providing extensive world-building but still delivers the details needed for a reader to be engrossed with this spellbinding science fiction story. It is a perfect mixture to provide a potent sci-fi novella, which can be difficult to do successfully. In a short span, we are given insight into a world where a multidimensional Earth has a “superhuman” race after it. Arcon, the silver sphere that Jacob encounters on the beach begins as this AI with a mission but as the story goes on it gains more emotion and even picks up on the slang. The banter between Arcon and Jacob is enjoyable to read but the plot of whether or not they will make it to the World Trade Center takes the spotlight.

Given that this is a short story, I’m left with a desire for more detail and explanation but only in the best way. David Gittlin is able to present a provocative science fiction version of our world that gives us a glimpse of what an interesting story this could truly be if only the story was longer. That being said, the story being short and ending on a cliffhanger works in Gittlin’s favor as I can’t help but want to know more about Arcon, its mothership, and the superhuman race still after Earth’s destruction. This short story is also accompanied by photos that go along with where the story is set. We see a glimpse of what Arcon looks like, its mothership, and the second Earth within Earth. They really tie the story together well.

The Silver Sphere is a captivating science fiction novella that does a lot in only a few pages.

Pages: 48 | ASIN: B098BK3ZW6

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Micromium: Clean Energy from Mars by [David Gittlin]

This science fiction novella is set in the not to distant future where the earth is on the verge of apocalypse and living conditions are worse than we could have ever imagined. Global warming and pollution are destroying everything at a rapid pace. A team has been funded to explore Mars in attempts to obtain resources to make the living conditions on Earth sustainable. Micromium is powerful enough (with only a small amount) to give the entire planet clean energy for the foreseeable future. While looking for Micromium on Mars several people die and a task force is created to get to the bottom of the disaster. The investigation uncovers information that endangers several key players.

David Gittlin has written a thrilling dystopian novel that is both evocative and a chilling omen to our potential future if we don’t take measures to curb the affects of global warming. While the novel is reflective of modern issues, it tells a science fiction story that is driven by compelling and relatable characters. This is a short book, and after the first few chapters the novella really picks up the pace once the mystery is setup. There is also a romantic component to the story, which gives this story a surprising dimension, where Logan and a coworker have a short fling. There is a lot of potential for character development, and with the use of some imagination, any gaps in the novella can easily be filled.

While I highly recommend this book to science fiction fans I personally enjoyed the mystery component the most. There is an enthralling investigation into the death of the miners and throughout the investigation several surprising discoveries are made. The discoveries revolve around corruption and ethical conflicts, making the reader think about what they would do in the situations.

Micromium is a thought-provoking science fiction story that throws readers into the middle of a riveting mystery on the red planet.

Pages: 258 | ASIN: B07B8WPK62

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Interview: David Gittlin

View Full Size Image Prize-winning citizen journalist David Gittlin visits the monster to talk about his novel Scarlet Ambrosia. We talk about the third most popular profession for Jewish men, the emotional turmoil of his characters, and how he discovered the meaning of life, the universe, and everything (alright, maybe he didn’t figure it out, but it would be cool if he did).

I liked the idea in Scarlet Ambrosia that there was a workable cure for vampirism. How did you come across this idea and why was it important in the story?

I wanted Devon to have the possibility of reversing his condition because he didn’t choose to become a vampire. He has three major conflicts to resolve in the story. One of these conflicts involves his relationship to his parents and his business partner and friend, Nadine Van Zandt. If he fails to find a cure, these relationships will be seriously compromised or worse; lost entirely. The stakes keep getting higher as the story unfolds. If Devon fails in his struggle against Egon Schiller, Devon has a lot more to lose than his small circle of friends and remaining family members.

Devon is an accountant in the book. How does this play into his characters’ development and your writing for his character?

When the story begins, Devon is attempting to take more control of his life by becoming an independent entrepreneur. Accounting was not his first choice as a profession. He went to law school and then spiraled into a self-destructive habit of cocaine addiction. In psychotherapy, he discovered that his behavior stemmed from an unconscious desire to avoid the shadow of his highly successful father, a prominent defense attorney. With no desire to practice medicine, Devon chooses the third most popular profession for upwardly mobile Jewish men. Devon’s conventional background makes his transition into vampire hood even more shocking, stark, and frightening.

In Scarlet Ambrosia, there is a ruby that magnifies the vampire’s powers along with other mystical things. Where did you get the idea for this? Was it through research or a flash of inspiration?

It was the result of both research and imagination.

Devon goes through some dark and difficult emotional turmoil in the story as he grapples with being a vampire. Are there any parallels to your own life in the story or is his character purely fictional?

A year after writing Scarlet Ambrosia, I see the story through a different pair of eyes. At the core of the novel is a young man’s struggle with darkness and light. The vampire archetype, I now realize, is a metaphor for my heart’s dream to realize its divine nature. The supernatural powers and ramped up energy level Devon acquires as a vampire make him half-human and half-god, something like the mythological Greek gods. He can choose to use his new powers for good or evil purposes. I believe everyone has the potential to become a divinely human being. I’ve been a spiritual seeker for most of my adult life. Awakening isn’t easy, but I’ve found it’s worth the effort.

In the book Devon must choose between being a vampire and being human, which would you choose? Devon also has to choose between Mathilde and Nadine, which would you choose?

That’s a great question. I’d have a tough time as a vampire, but on the other hand, I think Mathilde would be too good of an option to pass up.

Are there any other books that you’re coming out with that your fans should be on the lookout for?

Yes. For fans who like speculative fiction and an imaginative premise, check out my first novel, Three Days to Darkness.

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