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Lucky the Leprechaun on the Loose

Lucky the Leprechaun comes to visit children from the first of March untill Saint Patrick’s day. In this short time, he stirs up as much mischief as he can, without being destructive, to make children laugh. He loves to bring a smile to the face of children by leaving notes, hiding toys, playing pranks, and even making a mess now and then. If you see a rainbow you know he is near, watching and waiting for the next time to appear.

Lucky the Leprechaun on the Loose by author Maria Cedolini Thompson is a fantastic picture book that tells the story of Lucky in a style similar to the Elf on the Shelf story that children love. Lucky hides and causes mischief around the house and the school classroom. None of his antics are dangerous or damaging, but simple fun pranks that children will relate to and find entertaining.

What I loved about this magical children’s book is the writing style. Each page is written in the style of a poem, and they all flow together to tell the story. Many children’s books rhyme, but this feels like each page is a unique poem telling the mystical story of Lucky. The beautifully drawn illustrations by Daria Shamolina bring the words to life. Lucky’s personality jumps off the page and will make children want to run along on adventures with him. The colors and whimsical style are eye-catching and integrate seamlessly with the story.

Lucky the Leprechaun on the Loose is a remarkable picture book about leprechauns and the fun they have leading up to St. Patrick’s day. The unforgettable poetry and remarkable illustrations will make this children’s book a favorite for years to come. Teachers and caregivers will find this to be a great read-aloud and introduction to the holiday of St. Patrick’s day for preschoolers and young elementary students.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B09MGFHSLQ

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