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Growing Down

Growing Down, a story by Michael Tuberdyke, follows two men struggling to find contentment in their sedentary lives. After a friend’s wedding, Sam and Kevin begin to feel like they are “behind” everyone else. The two console each other, argue, and briefly wonder how they can improve their lives. The story shows how they interact with the world around them with their vices. Together, they express their fears and doubts about life while learning more about each other.

The author takes readers on a comedic journey alongside Sam and Kevin that will surely appeal to readers who can relate to the feeling of being left behind. Even though there was little character development, I think this book was written to show Sam and Kevin reflecting on life and written simply to entertain and engage readers with its narrative. The story simply follows two men through their day, from them being intoxicated in the morning to them making it to the evening. Nothing really happened to drive the plot or carry the story toward something meaningful, but seeing them interact with one another was fascinating. The author has a very natural ear for dialogue, and it came off as realistic and easy to follow. Tuberdyke’s vivid descriptions made it easy to picture the scenes described in the story. Additionally, the chapter divisions based on the time of day helped make the events’ timelines clear and understandable.

Growing Down is a comedy that is perfect for readers who enjoy unique humor, and many relate to the feeling of life going by and reflecting on what we have accomplished over the years. I would recommend this thought-provoking read to those who enjoy a lighthearted story.

Pages: 66 | ASIN : B0BWH2BMMQ

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