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A Deep Personal Journey

Jerry J.C. Veit Author Interview

Capricorn, Utopia & Days Gone By is a collection of novellas that incorporates philosophical meaning into three different but highly entertaining stories. Was it intentional to write stories with a moral message or did it happen organically?

I had a good idea how each story was going to end before I started writing, but the roadmap was fluid, and not set in stone.

The main characters are flawed in various ways. Their shortcomings had to carry a lot of weight and their triumphs had to be powerful. My goal was to show hopelessness in such a way that it brought hope to my audience. Yes, things are bad, but in the end, there is something to take away. Sometimes tragedy is capable of bringing the best out of people.

Utopia stood out as my favorite story from this volume. Do you have a story that you personally enjoy more out of the three?

I think Capricorn resonates with me the most. This isn’t just a story to save a loved one, but one that contains a deep personal journey into one’s own salvation. Montague is surrounded by evil, and he believes the only way to combat it is to become it. He becomes lost to it while admitting his views in dark, poetic soliloquies. In his mind everyone is guilty, and humanity is not worth saving until finding one who was never part of it. This pure innocence begins to shift the way he thinks.

Did you write these stories for this collection or did you write them over time and then combined them?

Each story was written years apart as separate screenplays before being published individually. After rewriting and extending these stories I decided to combine them into a 2-volume novella set to make the books cost effective.

Do you have plans to write more novellas through other outlets, like Kindle Vella?

I had considered using Kindle Vella for Apocalypsia, but now that I have all my titles published, I’ll continue working on promoting my books over trying to break into another area where I will either need a new story or try to market to a different audience. Although, I hope to one day have my stories reach more people, so I’m not closed to the concept just yet.

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The City is a Cancer. They are the Cure .
In the aftermath of a civil war the city is in ruins and without order. Montague administers his idea of justice with his black steel sword until he discovers Capricorn. He becomes drawn to her and vows to protect her, but this is challenged when a group of thugs kidnap her.
Montague is sent on a determined rescue mission, but in order to succeed he must battle the thugs of the city and their leader. Montague then finds himself on a path of seven trials in order to gain entry into Mammon’s domain to save the one he loves.

Sometimes perfect comes with fine print.
Brian Troth is a defense attorney, who after being shot in the head, awakes from a coma thirty years later. He is told that the world is now perfect where everything is provided. He is given a new job, a posh apartment and, to his surprise, the perfect romantic match.
However, when he questions the sudden disappearance of a colleague and stumbles upon a concealed government secret; he and his loved one become targeted for a swift removal.

Three days after Christmas an auto accident left Caleb partially disabled and took the life of his five-year-old nephew. Now on the anniversary, four years later, Caleb is afraid to leave his house; even to attend his brother’s upcoming wedding.
Soon past friends and deceased relatives mysteriously begin showing up in his home to deliver their messages and help him through his phobia by showing him glimpses of his past, present and possible future.
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