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Completely Out Of Place

Joseph Calev
Joseph Calev Author Interview

The Paramount Dimension follows a scientist into an alternate dimension where he must win the heart of his love and fend off impending disaster. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

It was honestly a challenge my son Nathan gave me: write a better book than Ready Player One. At the time, it was his favorite book, and when I stated I could do one better, he asked me to back that up. Today, The Paramount Dimension is still his favorite.

Jason and Raynee are intriguing characters with an interesting relationship. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I wanted Jason to be someone everyone could relate to. He’s completely out of place in The Paramount Dimension and is frustrated by how complex that world is. This is something most of us feel. For Raynee, I wanted a countering force: someone completely confident and adept, who’s always one step ahead of Jason.

What were some scientific ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

Neil Degrasse Tyson and Kip Thorne were huge influences here. In fact, the way wormholes and teleportation worked came straight from Kip Thorne, even though I ignored his statements that they’re both impractical. I also was moved by statements that our four basic forces could have been different. That made me think of which forces would have been cool to have instead, and so I came up with resonance, avalance, orasance, essonance, and cenosance.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I just released a new novel in Allen, King of Seattle. It’s closer to a children’s book, and is a lot sillier.

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Jason falls in love with Raynee almost the moment he sees her. She thinks he’s a turnip. What the heck? Turns out, he was.

After watching his home and the city of Seattle destroyed by an alien force, he’s tossed out of Earth and onto the paramount dimension, where strange forces capable of materializing objects, crossing dimensions, and seeing the past apply. There, Jason is stunned to learn that the Earth itself may have been but a class demonstration. Yet that’s the least of his concerns in a place where basic concepts like gravity and atoms don’t exist.

In this world where he meets a six-year-old expert in quantum physics, he’s not even smart enough to pass Kindergarten, let alone to enter Raynee’s school for the gifted. Yet even where black holes and supernovas are mere musical instruments, he’s the attraction as the only former-vegetable in history. Jason realizes that he has a monumental task in front of him to win Raynee’s heart, but first he has to learn how to walk and eat in this new world.

His chance of proving himself is made even tougher by the deadly nightmare hanging over the planet by the name of Mordriss, who might even be Jason’s father.

The Paramount Dimension

The Paramount Dimension by [Joseph Calev]

The Paramount Dimension, by Joseph Calev, follows Jason Bezna as he discovers an alternate dimension and finds out who he really is. This novel is a quirky science fiction story that takes the reader on an interesting journey. The book begins with a “turnip”, the name for humans, Jason Bezna dreaming about an alternate universe and the destruction of its people. He meets Raynee who is the girl of his dreams and from a different dimension, the dimension that he thought was only a dream. Jason is unlike any turnip she has encountered, and they soon find out he was not meant to be in the human world. Jason is placed in the Paramount Dimension and must adapt to his surroundings, figure out who he is, find his real parents, and try not to kill anyone in the meantime. Throughout this fantastic adventure Jason discovers the power he holds and what it may cost him.

Author Joseph Calev has a very informative and engaging writing style. The novel is based on real scientific principles with a mix of fantasy that makes the novel feel grounded even when it’s outlandish. The characters created in this novel were delightfully fun to follow. Raynee is a well-developed character and her background made her my favorite to read. Jason, although the main character, can be a bit aloof, making him a peculiar but unforgettable character.

I felt like this novel is a slow burn that takes its time to setup the plot and characters. If you are a reader interested in mathematics and physics then you’ll have plenty to enjoy in this book. The imaginative plot redeemed this book as it was a unique twist that I did not see coming. The last third of the book is where things really take off as it had so much depth and entertainment value that, by the end of the book, I was completely engrossed in the story.

The Paramount Dimension is an offbeat science fiction adventure story that takes readers in creative and unexpected directions with a payoff at the end that is well worth the buildup. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an imaginative use of science, a story with multiple dimensions, and a bit of action to tie it all together.

Pages: 241 | ASIN: B08W2C9175

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