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The Magic of Mindfulness

The Magic of Mindfulness (Life Magic Series Book 1) by [K P Weaver]

What happens when we start to believe in magic? Do we fall prey to fantasy and make believe? Or are we able to create something from that pure energy of imaginative knowing? These are the very questions that The Magic of Mindfulness is trying to answer. Based off of real experience and years of dedication, the author, Karen McDermott, shows us what happens if we open our minds to the idea of possibility. We’ve often heard the word “manifest” thrown about as a way to attract what we desire to ourselves. That if we simply wish it, it can come into being. The truth however is a bit more complicated. Yes, we can manifest things into being but it is a matter of dedication. Whether we actually believe in its power makes all the difference.

When I started The Magic of Mindfulness, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. However, the more I thought about it and the more I read, the more it started to make sense. People like to idealize “hustle” culture and that if we want something, it has to cost us everything we have. After reading this book, I have come to believe that it does not necessarily have to be true. Most people try to limit their thinking by saying that if only they had enough they could buy so and so. If we redirected our thinking to simply accepting that our goals will come, we save energy that can be sent out into doing the very thing we achieve to do. Karen Weaver does a fantastic job of explaining this idea and illustrating it in her well crafted book. Everything about this book is intentional, even down to the book cover. At first I thought, ‘oh what a neat looking cover’, but as explained in the books introduction the image represents something much greater.

While the book is filled with lots of intellectually invigorating content, there were moments where I felt like somethings were repeated. But this is a minor issue in a book that is replete with compelling and potentially life changing information that will enable you to reach your highest self.

The Magic of Mindfulness is overflowing with love and kindness. You can feel it in all of Karen’s words. In this potent personal development book readers will discover the power of intention and will be provided with practical guidance, including exercises and a notes section, that they can use to reach their highest potential.

Pages: 159 | ASIN: B08HR6NRZD

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