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Love in Another Time

When twenty-one-year-old Eleanor di Montford moved to Sardinia, Italy, she wasn’t expecting to find the love of her life. Ellie is captivated by the charming Gino, her Italian professor. Along with Gino’s son, Angelo, Gino and Ellie create a life of love and laughter. After a scandal erupts, Ellie is heartbroken and forced to return to England to live with her grandparents. Decades later, Ellie’s granddaughter, Sara Smythe, is sent to Sardinia for work. She meets a man named Luca and falls in love with him. Sara learns of Ellie’s past and her connection to Luca. In shock, Sara rushes back home to her grandmother to learn the dramatic truth of who Luca really is.

Author Lexa Dudley provides readers with a colorful and stirring historical romance novel that will keep readers on their toes wondering just what really happened in Ellie’s past. I loved the way that the plot methodically builds, creating tension and intrigue out of thin air, all while slowly peaking the readers interest until their curiosity keeps them from putting the book down. One of the reasons I kept coming back to this book was because I wanted to know where things were headed. I think this is because I found the characters so compelling.

While I enjoyed this emotionally charged love story, I felt that there were peaks and valleys to the story. There are parts where the story gets immensely interesting, and then the tension fades and we swing back to a steady progression of the story before ramping back up to a riveting moment. This gave the story an ebb and flow that lulls you into a sense that everything will be fine, until the drama peaks, and you just can’t put the book down again.

The author paints a vivid picture of the places and people in the story, allowing the reader to travel back to Sardinia and inhabit those moments in time. The characters are well developed and I enjoyed reading about Ellie and her experiences. The only thing I found hard to follow was when Ellie describes how she had two sons and their names were Jon Adam and Adam Jon, but this is a minor point in an otherwise fantastic story.

Love in Another Time is a heartfelt romance novel that slowly builds the drama and shows how history can repeat itself. The author creates two swoonworthy love stories and uniquely entwines them to create a delightful drama.

Pages: 318 | ASIN: B09X5ZRKDR

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