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What is the meaning of success? This is what one class has been assigned to figure out. Stephen thought he had it all figured out, being successful meant winning at his sports games and getting a trophy. However, with each new person he interviews he gets a different answer about what success is to them. By the end of the day, Stephen is confused and thinks his original idea of what being successful is could be wrong. He spends the night thinking and dreaming about the answers he got. In the morning he comes to a new and eye-opening conclusion about what the meaning of success is.

Success, written by Ruthie Godfrey and illustrated by Helen Ayle, is a beautifully written picture book about self-confidence, identity, and personal accomplishments. Told in a manner that kindergarten and young elementary level kids can understand, this illuminating children’s book explains what success means from a variety of different perspectives. With answers being provided from different children and adults, kids will learn how each person has a different perspective with a common theme connecting them all.

The full-page colorful artwork accompanying the story gives all the characters unique personalities to coincide with their answers to what being successful means to them. The artwork shows diversity, allowing children to find a character they can relate to. Each character shows meaningful expression and helps younger readers understand the story.

The concept of success can be hard for even adults to comprehend. This well-written book will help children and adults develop their own idea of what success is for them and in the process help them discover parts of their own identity and what is important to them.

Success is an inspiring picture book that will help children visualize the concept of success. Through entertaining art and dialogue, this extraordinary children’s book will teach children how to define success for themselves and build self-confidence.

Pages: 38 | ASIN : B09BK4RRHR

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Building Resilience and Finding Meaning in Life

Author Dr. June Rousso’s thought-provoking book, Building Resilience and Finding Meaning in Life is an interactive guide for teenagers looking to find meaning in their life experiences. This self-help book is intended to be gone through like a workbook. You read a section and sometimes there are exercises included for the reader to do to grasp the concept better. Not all sections have exercises but it is still meant to be an area for reflection. The overall concept is based on the teaching of Dr. Viktor Frankl and the Values In Action (VIA) Institute on Character, this book aims to equip teenagers with practical tips that they can apply to their lives.

Dr. June Rousso goes into the teaching of Dr. Frankl, particularly around how to find meaning and happiness even in the face of adversity. One of the key points in Dr. Fankl’s philosophy is that there are three things we all go through in life – guilt, suffering, and death. More importantly, it teaches teenagers how to cope with them, even as they struggle with the ups and downs that come with puberty. There is a strong emphasis on the importance of accepting your feelings, even the negative ones like envy.

The section that I like most, is the part that talks about virtues. The author explains how you can help yourself in the pursuit of finding meaning in your life and understanding how to identify happiness. Each section includes questions about the topic for reflection. I also liked that the author included quotes from a variety of sources that are scattered through the pages. At the end are worksheets with different scenarios that allow for reflection and putting the skills talked about to use.

Building Resilience and Finding Meaning in Life is written in a simple and direct style that is non-judgemental. This setup is ideal for teenagers looking for a self-help book, or something to help make sense of things at this point in their life.

Pages: 83 | ASIN : B09N321H64

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