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Adventures on the Can Do Trail

Adventures on the Can Do Trail is a heartwarming and inspiring book by author Jothy Rosenberg. The story follows Alex, a young boy who fulfills his dream of hiking the Can Do Trail, where he encounters animals with disabilities that prevent them from participating in activities with their friends. With his determination, Alex finds ways to include these animals and help them enjoy life to the fullest despite their limitations.

Rosenberg’s story is a testament to the power of determination and inclusion, delivering an empowering message to young readers that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. The story’s unique twist ending is unexpected and adds an extra layer of depth to the already powerful message.

One of the most notable aspects of this book is the character of Alex, who is kind, thoughtful, and empowering. He teaches young readers the importance of being inclusive of everyone, regardless of their abilities. The illustrations are also detailed and colorful, transporting the reader into Alex’s world and enhancing the overall reading experience.

In addition to the story itself, the author includes a powerful message at the beginning of the book to encourage readers to approach challenges with a “can-do” attitude. This message is reinforced throughout the story, giving young readers the confidence to believe in themselves and their abilities. The inclusion of a fun scavenger hunt at the end of the book is an added bonus, encouraging young readers to explore and engage with the story on a deeper level.

Adventures on the Can Do Trail is an inspiring and empowering book that instills confidence, compassion, and a “can-do” attitude in young readers. It is a highly recommended read for parents, teachers, and anyone looking to teach young readers the importance of having self-confidence and compassion toward others.

Pages: 41 | ASIN : B0BHTX4YGX

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Beautifully Blemished

Book Review

Beautifully Blemished: Learning and Celebrating Skin Differences is a heartwarming picture book that teaches children that their unique skin is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. Instead, children learn about various skin conditions that are all normal and make the person with them special. Things like birthmarks, moles, and freckles to Vitiligo, Rosacea, and Psoriasis are all covered in this fantastic book.

Author Leanne Stuckey and illustrator Traci Allison have combined their skills to bring children a meaningful and important story. Each child featured in this moving book shares how they are unique and special, from the stars in the sky to the bright colors of fall. Each skin condition offers children a chance to see something in themselves that is positive and encouraging. The illustrations show each child positively and respectfully, giving those with unique skin a voice.

Beautifully Blemished will help children learn about positive self-image, self-esteem, and compassion for those that look different from themselves. This eloquent story will help children appreciate all the differences in people around them and themselves. It is an excellent tool for teaching diversity and acceptance. Learning about different skin conditions will help children understand that physical appearances are not what matters, and just because someone looks different than them, it is not a bad thing or strange. This superb picture book will educate children and encourage them to be themselves and be proud of who they are inside and out.

Pages: 36

The Eighteen Years That Didn’t Change Anything

Enrico Tesla’s The Eighteen Years That Didn’t Change Anything is a memoir depicting the life of an average man as he lives through his prime to middle-aged years. The author takes an alternative approach to contemplate the human condition and existence.

Tesla excels in portraying himself as an average man within his words, “above average prospects.” The arc of the text shows him as a young man just beginning his career and concludes with a man who has loved, lost, and been a bit weathered by life. This portrayal renders his character accessible and relatable; he is neither above nor below the reader and, therefore, human. Still, he maintains a curious ego that leads him to ponder his existence in the context of some transformative life events.

The peculiar way he regards both his existence and the human condition also attracts the reader’s empathy. He ponders his existence in a neurotic, scientific-theory-based manner that encourages the reader to ponder the intersections of humanity, an arguably subjective matter, and science, a discipline founded in concrete fact.

His careful pairing of certain scientific facts, such as natural selection and Einstein’s iconic mass-energy formula, alongside his analysis of human perseverance at the end of the novel, is his thesis on life. It is through these efforts to prove his mastery of understanding life at its core that he comes to a poignant yet sobering conclusion. He frames even the most intimate experiences, such as love, in a clinical manner and even expresses to the reader areas in which he feels inadequate. Yet he possesses a stern conviction that due to the foundational understanding he has of life and the due process of nature, life is still worth living.

Pages: 114 | ASIN : B0BBCS8FCT

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Tommy Turtle

Tommy Turtle is a young shy land turtle. He wants to play with the other turtles at the park, but fear keeps him inside his shell, away from the others. Tommy watches from his hiding place in a hollow tree stump as the others splash in mud puddles and has a good time. Soon another turtle named Jerry walks over and introduces himself to Tommy. He convinces Tommy to give playing in the puddles a try but takes him to a less crowded area of the park. There Tommy opens up and starts to play and have fun until another turtle comes over. Once more, Tommy hides in his shell till she convinces him she won’t make fun of him. Together, the three go on to meet other turtles in the park and play.

Authors Mary and Michael Schmidt have created a heartwarming picture book for children to understand what shyness is and how to treat their peers that are shy. The storyline is well thought-out, giving kids an accurate representation of what shyness is and what the child that is shy is thinking and feeling. In addition, it explains how to approach and encourage children that are sky to make new friends and try new things in a child-appropriate way.

Tommy Turtle is a wonderful resource for schools to use in the education of emotional empathy and social skill development. Teachers, especially in kindergarten, can use this story to help children become comfortable with new situations and people as they learn to be in a classroom together for the first time. The emphasis on self-esteem and acceptance of others blends into this engaging story, and children will want to see Tommy make new friends while understanding why it is so hard for him. This children’s book is a must-have for families and schools.

Pages: 33 | ASIN : B09XNTKRDQ

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A Star Upon a Dream

A Star Upon a Dream, written by elementary school teacher and former wrestler Kendall T. Newell, is a short and vibrant children’s book about a child’s internal dilemmas and insecurities as her class mates taunt her on the day of the school’s professional job fair, and how her loving father kindly helped her tackle the issue.

Meleah is a little girl who is thoroughly excited about Career Day. She still has no clue what profession she would like to pursue and hopes that the talks by adults in different areas of work will shed some light on the matter. Encouraged by her father, she leaves for school with the highest of hopes. However, her spirits suffer a blow when her classmates challenge each of her suggestions of possible professions she might pursue. That night, her father comes to the rescue and uses the starry night sky as a canvas to explain how each person is unique and can achieve their dreams in their own way.

The final section conveys the book’s key message, which is to highlight to children – who are especially sensitive to criticism and may struggle in handling it with care – that any third-party opinions should not obscure their objectives and wishes. In a world where kids are frequently exposed to television, the internet, and other forms of media that facilitate comparisons to be made, such as the ones Maleah suffered by her peers, this message is particularly noteworthy.

A Star Upon a Dream is a heartwarming children’s book about learning to believe in yourself and that no two people have to follow the same path, even if they are headed in the same direction. It is written ideally for the preteen age group and covers emotional topics they will encounter in today’s world. This is an excellent book to use to open up the discussion of peer pressure, bullying, and self-confidence.

Pages: 54 | ASIN: B09C7DYFB1

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Building Resilience and Finding Meaning in Life

Author Dr. June Rousso’s thought-provoking book, Building Resilience and Finding Meaning in Life is an interactive guide for teenagers looking to find meaning in their life experiences. This self-help book is intended to be gone through like a workbook. You read a section and sometimes there are exercises included for the reader to do to grasp the concept better. Not all sections have exercises but it is still meant to be an area for reflection. The overall concept is based on the teaching of Dr. Viktor Frankl and the Values In Action (VIA) Institute on Character, this book aims to equip teenagers with practical tips that they can apply to their lives.

Dr. June Rousso goes into the teaching of Dr. Frankl, particularly around how to find meaning and happiness even in the face of adversity. One of the key points in Dr. Fankl’s philosophy is that there are three things we all go through in life – guilt, suffering, and death. More importantly, it teaches teenagers how to cope with them, even as they struggle with the ups and downs that come with puberty. There is a strong emphasis on the importance of accepting your feelings, even the negative ones like envy.

The section that I like most, is the part that talks about virtues. The author explains how you can help yourself in the pursuit of finding meaning in your life and understanding how to identify happiness. Each section includes questions about the topic for reflection. I also liked that the author included quotes from a variety of sources that are scattered through the pages. At the end are worksheets with different scenarios that allow for reflection and putting the skills talked about to use.

Building Resilience and Finding Meaning in Life is written in a simple and direct style that is non-judgemental. This setup is ideal for teenagers looking for a self-help book, or something to help make sense of things at this point in their life.

Pages: 83 | ASIN : B09N321H64

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The Sumatran Trilogy

Emma Sandford
Emma Sandford Author Interview

What’s Troubling Tawny? follows a shy young rhino that has trouble making friends and meets a bird that helps her find her confidence and make friends. What was the inspiration for your story?

I wanted to write a story about the Sumatran rhino because, tragically, there are fewer than 80 of these beautiful creatures left. I thought it would be interesting to have a rhino who lacks confidence and struggles with her own body image and insecurities. I also wanted to get across important messages for children in relation to body positivity and how to overcome shyness, which a lot of children and even adults struggle with.

How did you decide on the location for the backdrop to this story?

All three books in the Sumatran Trilogy are set in the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia. Originally, whilst I was thinking of locations for the books, I wanted it to be in a rainforest. My research led me to Sumatra, which is one of the most important areas of intact rainforest in the world. It is also the last place where tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans still roam together.

What is one thing that you hope readers take away from What’s Troubling Tawny?

There are lots of things I would hope readers will take from the story such as the importance of being yourself, being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone, as well as the environmental messages which are equally important. Perhaps the main message is how vital friendship and kindness are because without Tallulah’s encouragement, Tawny would not have approached Rusty.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently working on the final book in the Sumatran Trilogy, Hooray for Heidi!, which is due to be released in June 2022.

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Tawny longs to make friends with another rhino, but her shyness holds her back. When she meets a hornbill called Tallulah, she is surprised to learn that she has a lot in common with the beautiful bird. Will Tawny find a way to overcome her shyness, and can Tallulah help her find a companion?
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