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Primed to Kill

Primed to Kill, Kill Crime 2 A Jeff Case Novel: Making the World a Better Place, Removing One Serial Killer at a Time by [Mike Slavin]

Primed to kill is the second novel in eight-time award-winning author Mike Slavin´s Kill Crime series. Case is back at it! A year after witnessing the murders of people close to him and taking justice into his own hands, millionaire Jeff Case is pulled back into his mystery-solving life when his psychic friend and several others find themselves threatened by a serial killer. Case enlists his friends Trish and Bobby into the chase and they soon find that it’s not just one serial killer but a whole network of murderers who get off on photographing their victims led by sociopath, Harry Spike. And as the search expands through different cities, Case finds himself questioning whether he should continue his pursuit for justice or leave it to the authorities. As his endeavors continue, he realizes that everything is connected and the chase soon comes full circle.

This action-packed thriller is absolutely impossible to put down! Narrated from both the protagonist and the villain’s point of view, it makes it incredibly hard for the reader to decide who to root for. The characters are easy to follow and very well developed. Jeff Case, the hero, precise and confident, though a bit impulsive at times. Throughout the book he is forced to make morally reprehensible decisions for the sake of the investigation. On the other hand serial-killer Harry Spike is a deep and complex character, with violent behavior and a frighteningly charming personality that serves to make him even more dangerous. The easy to follow narration and two  main characters provide the reader with a riveting double-perspective and fast-paced storyline. The author also writes in a very detail-oriented style, leaving clues here and there for readers to find (or not), perfect for crime and mystery fans.

Where most mystery novels are usually black and white regarding the plot, with happy endings and unlikeable villains, author Mike Slavin creates a world where at certain instances the villain is humanized and the hero seems like the bad guy. All in all, this novel is riveting and I highly recommend it for its genius storytelling and complex plot.

Pages: 396 | ASIN: B08GCND9Y4

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Kill Crime

Kill Crime: A Jeff Case Novel-Stunning crime thriller full of twists with an unpredictable ending. Book 1 by [Slavin, Mike]

Mike Slavin has written a roller-coaster of a novel in Kill Crime. The story goes from 0 to 100 when Jeff Case, an oil company businessman from Texas, finally catches a pedophile that he’d been chasing ever since his niece had been victimized. Jeff finds himself getting closer to becoming a vigilante, as criminals hurt his friends and the people he loves. The choices only get tougher, and the villains he chases only get more dangerous. Will he survive?

Kill Crime is an exceptionally thrilling novel. The book starts with the main character catching a man about to molest a young child, I thought this was pretty extreme for the first 30 pages, but things only escalate for Jeff Case. This acceleration, and the realism with which it happens, is where Slavin’s writing excels. He makes Jeff’s decisions seem probable and reasonable through his amazing descriptions of grief, pain and anger.

There are many times in the book when I felt angry alongside Jeff, almost to the point of being blinded by it. Some will want him to exact his revenge and go for the kill, but maybe some will be begging him to move on. It’s a thrilling read from cover to cover because of this struggle that the reader faces with the main character, and it will keep the pages turning. If the internal conflict doesn’t entice readers, then the action sequences certainly will. The tense, violent moments are written excellently and play out like some of the best big screen movies.

If there is one weakness in the story, it’s that some of the elements border on cliché, such as Case jamming out to “Danger Zone” on his way home from work. However, Slavin only flirts with this line and never seriously crosses it, which he manages by keeping the story believable and emotionally raw.

The language that Slavin utilizes is fantastic. His writing is never boring, and the sentences he composes are fluid and natural, which makes for a smooth read. He may have gone a little overboard with the text breaks, but it doesn’t hamper the writing. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next installment. This is especially true, thanks to the couple of nice little hints at where the Jeff Case story might be heading in the sequel.

Pages: 358 | ASIN: B07WQNQWXR

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