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Mummy Don’t Go!!: Separation Anxiety

Mummy Don't Go!!: Separation Anxiety by [Ashika Singh]

Mummy Don’t Go follows young Lucy as she heads off to face her first day at daycare. She is worried about being separated from her mother, but she learns that, although she will miss her mother, she will find the comfort and support she needs to get through the day in her teacher.

Author Ashika Singh has given parents a fantastic tool to ease the anxiety many children feel when being separated from their parent for the first time. This wonderful children’s book shows readers the different things they will face at daycare and shows them that it is not scary and that they can rely on their teacher to support them.

The book is filled with amiable and emotive illustrations that helps young readers identify what Lucy is feeling in different moments. Throughout the story children will certainly enjoy seeing Lucy’s pet frog in various funny situations. Todd the frog really helps lighten the mood of the book and ensure humor is inserted into every situation.

This is a fun and educational picture book that teaches kids a valuable lesson that will make separating from their parents easier when it comes time to head off to daycare or kindergarten. Mummy Don’t Go!!: Separation Anxiety is a valuable tool for parents and is an entertaining story to share with children.

Pages: 31 | ASIN: B09G62C9Z8

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