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Musical Soul Mates: A Girl Who Hears Music Everywhere

Musical Soul Mates is a beautiful children’s book about a girl and her love for music. The story follows young Eleanora as she dances and sings the day away. Although she’s having fun now, she’s nervous about Show and Tell at school tomorrow. Luckily, her friend Aria is there to help her come up with a solution that will help her show the class who she is and what she is passionate about. The class, and readers, will learn that music is all around us.

Author Cindy B Witty has created an educational children’s book that shows how important music can be to a person. If your child listens to music all the time, just like Eleanora, then they will love this children’s book. This book creatively shows how music can come to life and help us when we need it.

The colorful artwork by illustrator Estelle Corke really brings Eleanora to life. Readers will be able to easily identify her emotions and all of her actions throughout the story, which is important because Eleanora moves with the music.

Musical Soul Mates: A Girl Who Hears Music Everywhere is an educational children’s book that will show young readers how to handle stress with music and will show all children that music is in everything. Highly recommended to anyone who has a passion for music, or parents with kids that need help overcoming their anxiety.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B0BFG1C86Z

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