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Inception of the Plague

NathanCombsHeadshotNathan Combs, author of Project Terminus, takes some time to answer some questions about his thrilling post apocalyptic novel.

I enjoyed Bill’s character and his take on the world. What was your inspiration for Bill’s humor and his view of the world?

The inspiration for Bill’s character came from a friend of mine. While not exactly alike, the similarities between the “real Bill” and the “fictional Bill,” were very close. Sadly, he passed before the book was finished.

In Project Terminus the economy of the world collapses, followed by martial law, nuclear war and other disasters. How did you see these things come together to create the perfect storm?

The fictional Coltrane family, friends, and the SPECOPS warriors were inspired by people I know, and from my own life experiences in the military and law enforcement. The time frames between the start of the book and the plague actually encompassed nearly a decade the times are well documented in the book. The family had a like mindset regarding the state of the Union and of the World. American society includes more “preppers” than most realize. Those who are seriously concerned are quiet about their efforts and don’t announce their intentions. In fact, you would be amazed at some of the “unknown preppers” in your own sphere of acquaintances. The Coltrane family was “prepper minded.” They did not follow Wade blindly into the apocalypse. They could see the warning signs in plain site. They didn’t want a collapse to occur, and in fact, held out hope it wouldn’t, but they were determined to be prepared if it did. Led by their patriarch, Wade, they followed him, not blindly, but respectfully, into the apocalyptic future. If you check with those who know, the sequence of events in the book…the financial collapse, the implementation of Martial Law with subsequent rioting due to food shortages, etc. is actually a realistic expectation of the sequence of events that would occur. I took the liberty of introducing a nuclear war using Russia and China as the instigators. Given their current aggressive postures, I didn’t feel nuclear aggression was outside the realm of possibility. The plague? We’d hate to think it was possible. Unfortunately, it is. EMP is a genuine concern of both Homeland Security and of Congress. A world power, involved in a nuclear exchange that is “losing,” and that is commanded by a megalomaniac may decide to take humanity with him. The time frames between the collapse and the inception of the plague encompassed several months. Given the nature of the human genre I felt that time frame was well within the realm of possibility.

I felt that the story blossomed after the character of Nina was introduced. How did you create that character?

Yeah. The story does take off after Nina makes her appearance. Like every character in the book she’s based on a real life person. Minus munching on her fellow man, of course. I suppose it’s fair to say I know some rather interesting, or maybe weird, people.

What is one thing that sets Project Terminus apart from other post-apocalyptic novels?

What sets Project Terminus apart from other post-apocalyptic novels is a good question. I can’t answer that. I’ve never read one. I tried to keep the storyline within the realm of reality. I wanted to give the reader an insight into what that type of future might actually be like. Whether I succeeded or not is up to them.

Project Terminus ends with an intriguing mystery? Can you give any details about follow up books and where the story might go?

The sequel to Project Terminus is done and is currently in edit. With any luck it will be published sometime after the first of the year. Honestly, I like the sequel much better than the original. Maybe because the characters are now old friends, and because I grew fond of them during the months spent with them. As to where the story goes? It goes where no one has gone before.

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Project TerminusFollowing a financial collapse in the United States, the World descends into anarchy. A limited nuclear exchange, followed by a devastating plague decimates humanity. In America, a group of survivors, led by former SPECOPS Captain, Wade Coltrane, fight to survive against a faux king of the United States and a horde of psychopaths led by beautiful Russian immigrant, Nina Lutrova. Will civilization endure or will humanity follow the dinosaurs into extinction?Buy Now From

Project Terminus

Project Terminus4 Stars

In the near future, financial collapse of the United States results in nationwide anarchy. Like dominos, the rest of the world follows the US into oblivion. Nuclear war followed by a viral pandemic decimates the globe, reducing the population to mere thousands.
In America, a group of survivors led by former SPECOPS Captain Wade Coltrane fight to survive and to regenerate society while protecting humanity from the greed of a faux king and a dysfunctional clan of sociopathic killers led by beautiful Russian psychopath, Nina Lutrova.
Will Project Terminus enable the development of a new nation or will greed and evil ultimately end civilization?

I enjoyed this post apocalyptic novel. Project Terminus slowly builds tension between intriguing characters before reaching an interesting ending that peaked my interest.

Pages: 231 | ASIN: B016033INGBuy Now From

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