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The Dream Prison

Joe Canzano Author Interview

Run and Flash follows a teen who’s sentenced to 1,000 nightmares and uncovers a deeper and more complex world after their friend tries to help them escape. How did you develop the idea for the Dream Prison?

It was inspired by the virtual reality games we have now – only this is the next level, where the game or dream is implanted into the player’s head. If a good dream can be implanted, so can a nightmare. I’m sure if this can ever be done, someone will put it to bad use.

This was a very creative story. What scene did you have the most fun writing?

Thanks. I like the scenes where Rune and Markla are together. The book has a fair amount of action, but really, it’s the dialogue and human interaction that I have the most fun writing.

I sensed a bit of Phillip K. Dick and William Gibson’s writing in this story. Am I imagining it or did you pull some kind of inspiration from these writers?

Your senses are good. I think I’ve read all of Phillip K. Dick’s books, and William Gibson’s “Neuromancer” is one of my favorite novels of all time.

Do you have more stories planned inside the Dream Prison?

I’m working on a sequel to this book. So far it’s going well.

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When 16-year-old Markla Flash is convicted of murder and sentenced to 1,000 nightmares inside the Dream Prison, her friend Rune vows to help—but he quickly finds himself pitted against his parents, and the police, and a gang of murdering “subversives,” as well as the keepers of a society where artificially created dreams are used for both punishment and pleasure.

“Rune and Flash” is an action-filled science fiction adventure about the power of truth, technology, and love.

Rune and Flash

Rune and Flash: Inside the Dream Prison is an intense and exciting read. This mind-bending sci-fi story follows Markla Flash, a sixteen-year-old who’s been sentenced to 1,000 nightmares in prison after a murder conviction. When Rune, her best friend, promises to help her escape, he quickly gets involved in another level of society, where dreams are created for the purpose of inflicting pain, punishment, and pleasure.

Joe Canzano’s imaginative story turns nightmares into tools. He’s created an intriguing dystopian world where people face the devastation of a thousand nightmares that are more realistic than life. I’m not sure I could endure the pain of them all.

While Rune is determined to rescue his friend Markla, he is offered a scholarship to write nightmares. This clash in technological perspectives can easily tear them apart or give them one of the biggest challenges to overcome together. In this way the author gives layers to his story. These nightmares are not just abstract ideas, they’re fully realized and that grounds this otherwise fantastic story and makes it all feel real.

While Markla and Rune share a strong bond, they come from very different backgrounds. Rune’s family is heavily involved in law enforcement and technology. Markla was raised in a poverty-stricken community, facing many obstacles just to survive. I enjoy the way the author crafts his characters. Slow and methodical and deep. They feel like real people because of the subtle details that are scattered throughout the story.

Life becomes more intense when Markla joins a secret organization that is determined to take down the government. Despite their opposite lives, the two friends develop a strong relationship, but they must decide their fate as they struggle to survive in a nightmarish dystopian world.

Joe Canzano’s Rune and Flash: Inside the Dream Prison is a riveting dystopian thriller with an inherent sense of adventure. I reveled in this dark futuristic world because of the exciting balance between creativity and psychological terror. With an inventive story-line, a detailed world and captivating characters, this is a science fiction story that is fun to visualize and immensely entertaining to read.

Pages: 315 | ASIN: B0B1CGJ9S6

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