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Faith’s Freckles: A Book to Build Self-Esteem

Faith is a young girl that has freckles, fifty-five to be exact; she has counted them all. Faith hates having freckles, no one else in her school has freckles like her, and she is constantly being teased by the other girls. They tell her that she has dirt on her face and laugh. One girl, McKenzie, however, thinks Faith’s freckles are beautiful. Through McKenzie’s kindness, Faith learns to accept that her freckles are part of who she is and learns to love that part of herself.

Faith’s Freckles by authors Shermaine Perry-Knights and Baylei Hinds-Perry is an empowering picture book for children that are self-conscious about their unique looks. In this story, Faith has freckles that no one else in her school seams to have, but the message applies to all physical differences that children are often picked on about. This story shows how much it hurts children when they are teased, emphasizing that comments about others’ looks are not funny or a game.

McKenzie stands out as an example of true friendship and how children can be friends with those they see struggling. She offers positive support and listens to what her friend says rather than brushing off her feelings or invalidating them. Teaching children how to be good friends to those that are hurting is a life skill they can carry with them.

This children’s book teaches the messages of self-love and self-acceptance. Aimed at young elementary students, this is a critical time in their lives to learn self-esteem. That makes this book ideal for classrooms and libraries. It would be a wonderful gift for a child with freckles who is afraid of being teased and made fun of. It is a heartwarming picture book that teaches children social and emotional awareness and acceptance for those that look different from themselves.

Pages: 15 | ASIN : B0B9FQP4LB

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A Proud World Traveler

Shermaine Perry-Knights Author Interview

I Move A Lot and That’s okay: Axel’s Story follows a seven year old boy that has to move with his family to a new military base. What was the inspiration for your story?

My books represent one aspect of my backstory. I simply wrote the books that I wanted as a child that moved a lot. I am a proud world traveler and avid reader that loves to learn new things.

What was your favorite scene in this story?

My favorite scene is on the plane. It’s refreshing and empowering to hear men and boys open discussion on their feelings. Having difficult conversations with children is important. It normalizes and validates their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

What were some of your inspirations as a writer?

As an avid reader I draw inspiration from trips to the local public library. Listening to mystery thriller suspense books and poetry on audiobooks fuels my passion for writing. There’s something beautiful and comforting about a good book. I love the feel of the pages and overall experience of reading a picture book. I travel in the pages of each story and that inspires me to create experiences with relatable themes in my books.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Black and brown girls have freckles too! I’m co-authoring a picture book, with my niece, featuring a love for the diversity of freckles. This book will publish in the Fall.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

I Move A Lot and That’s Okay: Axel’s Story teaches kids how to emotionally cope with relocation. Designed to build resilience and confidence in children, this picture book follows an energetic boy in a military family as he shows the reader that she can embrace a new environment, language, and a different culture.

Leaving their home and settling in another is tough on all kids. This is what military families go through when moving to a new station, far away from home in another city, state, or country. This adventure is filled with sadness, loss, acceptance, and hope. By the end of the story, young readers will be chanting the theme of the book: “I move a lot and that’s okay!” While this book features a military child, its message of resilience and hope are universal ones that help all children to overcome obstacles more easily.

I Move A Lot and That’s Okay: Axel’s Story

Axel’s mom is in the Army. He is seven years old, and his family is getting ready to move to Italy. Of course, this is scary for a little kid, but he takes it in stride and with a positive attitude.

This beautifully illustrated picture book walks children through the process of going through a permanent change of station (PCS). There is a lot that happens and a lot of shuffling from one place to another, temporary housing and living out of suitcases. For military families, this becomes normal, but small kids do not always understand why this happens and can be angry and afraid of the changes. Axel walks through each step, sharing his feelings, concerns, and things he is excited about. The reoccurring line through this story is Axel saying, “I am okay with that” when faced with situations, only a few times is he not okay with things.

Author Shermaine Perry-Knights explains the moving process in a way that makes things less scary. She validates the concerns that children have when going through this process. It is really great that the author acknowledges the challenging things like stuff going missing or breaking in a move. These situations are not limited to military moves, so the story is relevant to all children faced with moving.

This heartwarming story shows how moving can become an adventure. It talks about how challenging life as a military kid can be and shows how amazing the experiences are. The artwork in this picture book has vivid colors, and the detail work really adds to the story.

I Move A Lot and That’s okay: Axel’s Story is a phenomenal picture book for children dealing with a move. While centered on military families, it can apply to many situations, the concerns, fears, and joys.

Pages: 39 | ASIN : B08VNYKMXH

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