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Patrick Greenwood Author Interview

Sunrise in Saigon follows a man in an unhappy marriage who meets a woman in Vietnam and together they find a moment of joy. What was the inspiration for the relationship that developed between the characters?

Both have similar lives and shared a common desire to feel loved and cherished, even if they would not together for only a short time. 

What themes were important for you to explore in this book?

The main theme is not to live our lives with any regret. Many people similar to Jack and Linh choose not to the journey. The story talks about making the journey knowing they’re always consequences to every decision. Linh and Jack knew they still wanted to be together.

What experience has had the most significant impact on your writing?

Traveling the world and cycle gave me a perspective of life beyond my own. Cycling in Vietnam, China, Portugal, Spain, and Japan, I witnessed many things that compelled me to write my novels. “Sunrise in Saigon” is part of the Jack Kendell series. I am currently writing the other six.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

“The scent of the Lotus” – Preamble to “Sunrise Saigon.” The book will focus on where Forest Adams and Bui came from.

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With echoes of Tom Clancy and Jack Higgins, Sunrise in Saigon is Patrick Greenwood’s first book in a new series about romance, love, and passion against the backdrop of the Post- Vietnam War.
Sunrise in Saigon is a historical romance novel about Jack Kendall and Linh Ngo, two individuals struggling with unhappy marriages and poor health. After connecting online, Jack sets out on a cycling tour of Vietnam to meet Linh while keeping his intentions hidden. They both choose to leave their current relationships and share an unforgettable romance. But like all good things, their time together is limited, and the sunrise in Saigon symbolizes their love that lasts a lifetime.
Intrigued by the country of Vietnam since 11, Jack Kendall long remembered the fall of Saigon in 1975 and its painful aftermath. Jack learns from eyewitnesses about the long shadow of the Vietnam war, its atrocities, and its aftermath.
After years of chatting online, Jack desires to follow his heart to meet Linh in person. Linh, wanting to feel Jack’s love, wanted nothing more than to be held by him.
Trapped in a loveless marriage, Linh agrees to meet Jack in Saigon. They both know they have found something special when they set eyes on each other. Despite their obstacles, they leap a faith and give their love a chance, even if it means giving up their current relationships.
Experience the passion and romance that ignites between Jack and Linh as they explore Vietnam and each other. Follow their journey as they discover the true meaning of love and the courage it takes to pursue it.
But like all good things, their time together is not forever. The sunrise in Saigon that brought them together becomes the emotional connection between them for the rest of their lives.

Sunrise in Saigon

Sunrise in Saigon by Patrick Greenwood is a fiction story based on real events that happened in Vietnam during and after the war. Jack Kendall is an eleven-year-old boy at the time of the fall of Saigon in 1975. Still, many of his questions about the war are not answered until more than thirty-five years later when he makes a trip to Vietnam as an adult after health issues cause him to reexamine his current life. There he meets a woman who he had been communicating with online, and spending time with her takes his mind off his unhappy marriage. But is their relationship worth the risk? And is there any chance that they can be together forever?

I liked how this story spanned several decades of Jack’s life, starting in his childhood and into adulthood, giving the reader more insight into his character and his continuing interest in what happened to the Vietnamese people after the war when the American armed forces left the country. The author included many historical details and vivid descriptions of life in Vietnam and how the people there were still affected four decades after the war. I enjoyed reading about how Jack stepped in to help fix problems at a water plant during his trip to Vietnam. It was admirable that he wanted to take steps in his life to improve his health and mindset, and I liked that he took up cycling. The ending of this book surprised me, and I liked that it was unexpected.

Some of the decisions Jack made in the pursuit of so-called happiness and love were not exceptionally honorable and had detrimental effects on his family life. Jack and Linh’s infidelity is a vital part of this story, and how they are both looking for a connection that is lacking in their current relationships. Finding the answers to his long-held questions about Vietnam seemed secondary to his affair with Linh, especially during his first trip, giving readers a deeper look at his emotional state and his desire for deep emotional connections.

Overall, Sunrise in Saigon is a captivating read that will take the reader on an emotional journey alongside Jack and his quest for happiness. Some relationships are meant to last forever, some just for a moment. This novel shows readers that those moments are no less meaningful and impactful in our lives than the relationships that last for years.

Pages: 325 | ASIN : B0BMNGVK4Z

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