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Author Interview
Austin Lawrence Author Interview

Taylor Mill Horror follows the terrifying true story of a family that buys a real haunted house. Why was this an important book for you to write?

We all hear wild ghost stories and claims. Stories that are so crazy we believe they could never be true. Prior to staying in this home I laughed at claims such as paranormal earthquakes and extreme poltergeist activity. The two weeks we spent in this home forever changed my life and outlook. I now realize that there are things that go on in the world that we will never be able to understand and explain. Things so frightening, we refuse to believe in them. I felt like I owed it to all those who I once thought were making up all these claims to write this book. I wanted to let others know that they are not the only ones who may be going through these things and ultimately that they are not crazy.

As you stayed in the house while researching this book, what were the scariest and the funniest thing that happened?

The scariest thing that had happened was easily the paranormal earthquake. Despite seeing things fly across the room or figures pass by, nothing will even come close to that night. While lying in the bed a loud almost mechanical sound resonated from the house, as if an engine were reving up. Shortly after the house began shaking violently causing things to fly off of the walls and shelves. At this moment, I was fully convinced that I was going to die that night in that home.

After about a week in the home we were so sleep deprived that we tried to find the humor in anything just to stay sane. Whenever we would hear odd noises or things would happen, we would explain them away in the most ridiculous ways possible. For example; the trashcan in the kitchen that had flown across the room a few times was obviously possessed by the spirit of a raccoon who was looking for a late night snack. We did anything we could to share some laughs and make light of what was a stressful situation.

How did you get interested in paranormal activity and haunted houses?

The biggest question in life is What happens after we die? I am a very critical and analytical thinker who needs to see proof before I can form an opinion. From movies to television and books we are told so many different stories about what lurks in the beyond. I simply wanted to set out and see if I could answer this ultimate life question.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently working on a completely fiction based horror novel. This novel is based off of a recurring nightmare that I have had ever since I was a child. Unlike Taylor Mill Horror, not only is it fiction it is also meant to scare the reader. This is a much more fast paced, horrifying and gruesome novel. I am hoping to release it in October of 2022.

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We all love a scary story, especially when we can tell ourselves the events in question are fictional. But what about when the fictional crosses into real life? What happens when the tales being shared are living, inescapable nightmares for those experiencing them? In Taylor Mill, Kentucky sits a property rife with paranormal activity, and its oppressive energy is all too real. The family living in the home has undergone a bombardment of constant, unexplained activities. Screaming, disembodied voices, objects being thrown, and apparitions were only the tip of the iceberg for Sam, his wife Jody, and their daughter Charlie. Their mental health suffered, and the events stirred up unimaginable fear and trauma.
With the help of a priest and two paranormal investigators, Sam and his family began a battle with the unseen forces attempting to drive them from their home. They discovered the house was infested with a demonic presence. The events and dark energies were altering the emotions of the residents to the point they questioned their own sanity. When the team uncovers strange connections, Sam must ask what brought him to this home in the first place. Could a force beyond comprehension have been at work in drawing the family to that specific property? Discover the true events revealed through interviews and eyewitness accounts for the first time in the pages of Taylor Mill Horror. Written by the team who spent two weeks amidst the horrors and the man who lived it all firsthand, this is an account like no other. Taylor Mill Horror will immerse readers in a story they will never forget, made even more chilling for its status as non-fiction.

Taylor Mill Horror

Sam, his wife Jody, and daughter Charlie move to a small town in Kentucky for a fresh start. Sam is inexplicably drawn to a particular house, and when the owner catches him gazing at it, she sells it to him for a knock-down price. She was delighted to find someone willing to buy it. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a terrible purchase for Sam and his family, as they find out more or less as soon as they move in. With help from a priest and some paranormal investigators, including the author, it takes all of Sam’s mental and physical strength to face the evil that possesses his family’s new home.

Taylor Mill Horror by Austin Lawrence is a classic horror tale in the style of the infamous The Amityville Horror. Like that renowned book, Taylor Mill Horror is full of frightening supernatural activity that terrorizes the family living there. Also, like the original, this story purports to be true. At the end of the book, a few poorly rendered black and white photos are presumably intended to prove the veracity of the claim.

The chilling story’s structure is well-planned and delivered at a reasonably good pace. At times, the author uses a conversational style, allowing the reader to feel as if they are there with the family and author experiencing the paranormal activities. While I found this book to be thrilling, I felt it could benefit from another edit to catch a few typos that felt distracting. Those minor criticisms aside, horror fans will love this book. It’s terrifying.

Taylor Mill Horror is an engaging and sensational read. The author presents their facts and the stories they personally experienced, along with the stories of Sam and his family, to make this nonfiction work unforgettable. Fans of horror, true stories, paranormal activity, and true-life thrillers will be on the edge of their seats throughout this horrifying book.

Pages: 190 | ASIN : B09JT3NB6M

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