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Give Definition to Some of That Fear

A.R.C. Author Interview

The Call of Magic follows Emma who’s thrust into a magical world and must fight for survival. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thrilling story?

I’m a huge fan of Sci Fi / Fantasy. I’ve been through (almost) every series I could get my hands on. I wanted to try and create something that could be flexible, told from many different perspectives and angles rather than the rigid, one main character approach. That was of course complicated by the decision to write in first person.

I think, inherently, there’s a fear of the unknown, the depths of the sea, the unexplored spaces of the world. I tried to bring together some of those elements within this book, to give definition to some of that fear and show the reader that, perhaps, there’s good cause to be afraid.

Emma is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some ideas that guided her character development?

Taken from another interview:

“When I first dreamed up Emma Lie, I tried to focus on qualities that I knew from strong individuals everywhere. I think there are key differences between strength and arrogance, confidence and narcissism that we as humans often miss. The two sets are so closely related that it’s easy to mistake on first or even fiftieth glance. But a strong person does not run roughshod over everyone around them. They don’t speak louder, and they aren’t more aggressive. They don’t need to manipulate to achieve their goals.

I tried to encompass those better qualities in Emma the best that I could, that quiet strength that leads without meaning to. Of course, she has other attributes. Ambition, certainly, talent without question, a thirst for knowing and the stubbornness to pursue those things she doesn’t know. Kindness, loyalty, ferocity, anger, and a deep and abiding sadness.”

If I were to fall a little further into the question, though, I wanted to write a character that would keep my attention for the length of this series. There are (almost) nine books already written and in various stages of development. One book a month requires preparation and diligence, but it also requires characters that you can grow with, and ones that have room to grow. And I think Emma is definitely one that has lessons life will hand her.

I enjoyed the adventurous fast paced nature of the book. What were some themes you felt were important to capture in this story?

I think a sense of displacement was probably key in my initial concept.

There’s a lot of that missing from the literary world now, this concept that made the old fairy tales so frightening. These children had terrible, fearful adventures, many that ended in their deaths. I wanted to set the stage for what the readers could expect from the Well. A new challenge every month, a fear of the unexpected, the real possibility of peril.

Beyond that, true connection to others across cultural barriers was important for me to drive across. Given a common goal and a united front, I believe great things can be achieved by humanity. It starts with the tenuous strands of friendship and grows through loyalty.

Last but not least, I think romance is very important to focus on. This series is intended to tell a romance story in every book, in an exploration of the many kinds of love and the ways we find them.

This is book one in The Fool’s Journey series. What can readers expect in book two?

From book three onward in the series, each book will revolve around a single tarot card. The two main characters will represent a side of the card, upright or reversed. The story has to find a way to reconcile those different sides of the card in love. Just as the meaning of the tarot deck, each card will have its own pacing. As a writer, I have a clear imperative walking into chapter one.

Book Two is the warming of the deck, still, and so the structure is a little more loose. As mentioned above, however, it will focus on a different main character (Kim Yong) and his pursuit of a lady love (Raya Monsalud) during the second half of the Legion basic training. And though Emma Lie is not the main character, she will be making an appearance.

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The Call of Magic

The Call of Magic (The Fool's Journey Book 1) by [A.R. C.]

Emma Lie is already an above-average person, working her way tirelessly to earn herself a scholarship to Harvard, while still finding the time to work 15-20 hours a week at her local coffee shop. But when she discovers what she thinks is a rash on her arm in the shape of a ‘6’ she finds out that her very specific life plan will take a detour.

A run-in with a very handsome mystery man at the coffee shop she works at, who she later finds out is Thies and has the same mark as her, will change her life forever. Emma has been invited to the Institut Le Blanc where she will learn magic and become part of a magical army. But just as she is about to deny her contract and leave this craziness behind, she is pulled through a portal and lands unwillingly at the school.

If you’re looking for a book that is as adventurous as it is fast-paced then you should read The Call of Magic. The thing I loved best about this book is the way it is written. Even though Emma has just graduated from high school, it is not written how some young adult books are. Some authors tend to take the teenager’s way of speaking to a level that is annoying to read, but this book is not at all this way. Which allows it to be read by adults as well as young adults.

As a fan of the Harry Potter series, I found this to be like a college version of it, so if you enjoy Harry Potter as well then you will find this series to be just as engaging. Add in some serious girl power and Emma will take you on a magical ride. Her tough and loyal attitude makes her a great role model to look up to as well. Even though she went through some hard times, she was able to better herself and has always kept a spark of magic alive inside her, no matter how deep down.

While reading you will find yourself fighting alongside Emma, feeling all her frustration, the magic that courses through her veins, and the fight to save her mother, who is now in danger. Don’t think you have to be a lover of the fantasy genre either, this book will appeal to all who love a page-turning, suspense-filled story!

Pages: 370 | ASIN: B088DMGFLJ

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