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Being Their Protector

Michael K. Bialys
Michael Bialys Author Interview

The Apprentus follows the chosen Virago as she trains in China to protect twin-gift Emi and Noah from evil forces. What was the inspiration for the setup to this exciting story?

Well if I am being honest the Gold family is my family. That’s right, There is a Michael, Misty, Makenna, Emi and Noah. There last name however, is Michael Bialys. Obviously it’s best to write what you know about and I know about these people quite a bit.

The entire concept of the book evolved when Misty and I Got pregnant with our 2nd daughter Emi and soon after Noah. Makenna was about 7 at the time. I knew that to newborn babies were gonna monopolise a lot of our time but I didn’t want Makenna to feel less loved or special that’s when I started writing a short story about their being their protector and it evolved form their.

Makenna is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind the characters development?

I took most of the inspiration for Makenna the character from my daughter Makenna. I wanted her to feel real to the readers especially to the readers her age I needed to voice her and make her very legitimate and believable and inspirational. As I was writing her character I would just observe her and voice her accordingly.

What were some themes that were important for you to focus on in this book?

I think the most important thing that I wanted to come through in the book is love of family and the strength it brings.

This is book two in your Chronicles of the Virago. What can readers expect in book three?

Great Question!! Book 3 is about 5 minutes away from being released and I am very excited about it all I can tell you is it’s going to be more action more characters more fun. And you won’t have much longer to wait especially because book 2 leaves on a major cliffhanger and we have to get that issue resolved.

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Makenna Grace Gold is the Virago. At barely thirteen-years-old, she has been entrusted by the forces of good to protect her twin siblings Emi and Noah from the evil forces that seek to destroy them. The infant twins are destined to lead our world into its next age of Hope and Enlightenment; if and only if Makenna can protect them. As she begins to settle into her new role as the Virago, Makenna receives a cryptic warning from none other than the Grim Reaper himself. She is told that her immediate future promises to be life threatening to both her and her entire family. It will take all Makenna’s new-found skills along with the assistance of her Fairy mentors Bree, Dee and Marigold, best friend Stephen and her sidekick Fluffy the wisecracking earthworm, to defeat the machinations of the malevolent, multi-billionaire Malvado Seaton. All this while Makenna and her family are on an international field trip with her classmates in China! And who is her mysterious new trainer Tai-Pan?

The Chronicles of the Virago: Book II The Apprentus

The Apprentus, Michael Bialys’ second installment in The Chronicles of the Virago series, finds Mackenna Gold, the chosen Virago, as she trains in China to protect twin-gift Emi and Noah from evil forces that seek to endanger them.

The characters in this book are fresh and highly imaginative. Fluffy, Mackenna’s talking worm sidekick, adds wit and humor to the text. Tai-Pan, Mackenna’s trainer, has an interesting link to a familiar children’s book character. Finally, Mackenna herself is a young girl who plays the traditional hero. She is determined, resourceful, and has utmost respect for the responsibility that has been placed in her hands. She is the type of character who the reader genuinely wants to see succeed.

The fast-paced plot makes it hard to put down. The book is organized into chapters that are short, digestible, and filled with relevant action that moves the story along. Movement from scene to scene is natural. The role of Natasi is revealed incrementally, only revealing what is necessary at any given time.

This book, and arguably the series itself, is a solid read for young adult readers because of the values it promotes. Tai-Pan symbolizes the need to fight fairly and without contempt, even when fighting against those who have done wrong. Samuel and Stephen, Mackenna’s school friends, prove that even the greatest of heroes can’t do it alone and that everyone has something to contribute. Finally, Mackenna reinforces the nobility that comes with protecting loved ones, upholding commitments with passion, and, above all, the power of never giving up when met with adversity.

However, the proofreading errors detract from the reading experience. There are spelling errors and editing issues scattered throughout the text. Otherwise this a truly stellar, high-quality read. The Chronicles of the Virago: Book II The Apprentus has an engaging and action-packed plot, the characters are likable, and the text teaches ethics that are appropriate for a young adult fantasy readers.

Pages: 252 | ASIN: B07LC1QHHV

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