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A Second Time Round

Rosemary K. Tompkins
Rosemary K. Tompkins Author Interview

The Classy Squad follows a widower who hires a helper which unwittingly sets off a lustful neighbor who begins to worm her way into his life. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I became inspired to write the dolls into the script after my husband who knows how much I love dolls came home with a picture of a clients dolls collection and on having a bit of writer block at the time decided to include the dolls in a novel I was writing, I’m hoping my readers will recognize my sense of humor.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I wanted to convey to people over 60 who lose their husbands or wives to never give up on life or loving a second time round. And that the widow/widow did not have to suffer just because his or her wife or husband has passed on.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

At the moment I’m working on a novel called Secrets of Coventry cottage. This is a young Adult Book. I’ve nearly completed it.

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It is time to move on. You will never forget her, but you must live your life.

Floyd has been hearing this a lot lately after losing his wife Betty a few years back. So much around their house reminds him of her – from the furniture to the garden, to the beautiful dolls room she created where dolls and other toys lounge around in wait, for another adventure.

Realizing he needs help around the house, Floyd puts an advert out and hires the lovely Mabel. This sends Irene, a neighbour of Floyd’s, into a tizzy, as she has had her eye on Floyd for a while.

With Irene scheming to worm her way deeper into Floyd’s life by any means imaginable, she will soon come to realize that Floyd has protectors that no one knows about. Betty managed to bring the dolls and toys to life many years ago, and together with Jane and Jack, Mabel’s great-niece and -nephew, they work together to defeat the villainous Irene.

With love on the line, can they defeat the house sitter’s nemesis?

The Classy Squad

The Classy Squad: The Housekeepers Nemesis is a novel written by Australian based author Rosemary K. Tompkins. It is a story about finding love, with some twists and turns along the way. The story revolves around three main characters: Floyd a widower who deeply misses his wife. A travelling salesperson. Irene Munster, a neighbor that is trying desperately to gain Floyd’s romantic attention – although it is soon revealed she has a motive that is more than just romance. The final pivotal character is Mabel Tuttle, Floyd’s lovely new housekeeper. Also central to this story is a collection of dolls and stuffed animals. These toys were deeply treasured by Betty, Floyd’s late wife. The dolls each have their own name and personality, however they are collectively known as The Classy Squad. There are also a few supporting characters that interact with the main characters, giving them depth and authenticity. The main characters personalities develop through their dialogue between each other and their inner monologues. Personalities also emerge through the actions of the characters, both the humans and toys!

The Classy Squad: The Housekeepers Nemesis has an easy-to-follow structure. The novel is organized into chapters and each chapter is from a different character’s point of view. The story follows a chronological order, and the organization of the story makes it very clear who is telling the story in each chapter. The setting in the story is essentially Floyd’s house, garden and immediate neighborhood. Each setting is described in great detail, from the Jasmine in Floyd’s Garden to the pink and green cushions sitting atop one of his spare beds. Descriptions of antique dinners sets, teapots and napkins all aid to draw the reader into the story and making it come alive. Tompkins appeals not only to the reader’s visual senses, but also to the sense of smell, describing the heavenly scents of garden flowers and homecooked meals.

The Classy Squad: The Housekeepers Nemesis is an interesting story with interesting characters and a plot with just enough mystery and intrigue to set this story apart from other romance stories.

Pages: 346 | ISBN: 1456637991

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