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The Lawyer’s Angel

Attorney James Crosson’s life is falling apart after his wife’s death. Crosson faces the start of a doomed time, from being the primary accused of the tragic accident to losing his career. A widow appoints Crosson to challenge the injustice that befell her late spouse. Unfortunately, justice is hampered by a rich, exploitative business tycoon to avoid facing the consequences of mishappenings caused by his company. While fighting the undefeatable with almost no chance of survival, James Crosson proves how inner and worldly demons are fought with persistence and in sync with divine intervention.

The Lawyer’s Angel by Scott Allen Benkie is a suspense law thriller crafted carefully with legal integrities. It takes you on a ride that will give you goosebumps when you expect it the least. From grief to guilt, it weaves complex treachery of emotions while simultaneously keeping the plot moving forward. Though the courtroom drama is mechanical, the author keeps it easy for readers from non-legal backgrounds to catch the essence of the law.

The book tries to intertwine spirituality with faith in justice. It explores a theme generally not inculcated in legal suspense. At some points, the plot seemed to be affected by the complexity of its multifold theme. The entire plot revolves around the main protagonist, which keeps the story tied to the main strand but also causes monotony in the narrative arc. The author adds a tinge of drama sustaining the realistic form of narration. In the end, it inspires you to fearlessly take control of your life and try your best to turn it around. It keeps you engulfed in the world of law, justice, and hope, with its characters effortlessly marking their way in your mind.

The Lawyer’s Angel is an engaging legal thriller that will have readers questioning whether truth and justice win in the end. It is a rollercoaster ride as the protagonist battles physical and mental demons in an effort to obtain justice.

Pages: 441 | ASIN : B09ZLSG6H6

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