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The Genesis 6 Project

The Genesis 6 Project is a fast-paced action spree from author Michael Ferguson. A mix of sci-fi and biblical fiction, the story centers around a United States research team and a newly rediscovered dangerous threat to man: the Nephilim–powerful creatures born of fallen angels who once ruled the earth. Tamir-Benob is one such creature. He is a giant who has lived for thousands of years and dispatched armies of men throughout history. The capture, understanding, and, most importantly, militarization of this being will impact the balance of world power for ages. Different factions come to a head as Tamir-Benob rampages through rural Montana, leaving soldiers and tribal Crow warriors broken in his wake.

Paced exceptionally well, The Genesis 6 Project is a really tight read. The action ramps up early and is pretty much non-stop. The different characters from the rival factions, especially Dr. Kathryn Ryan and Indian Affairs agent Ironhorse Whitman, really stand out. Ferguson does an excellent job of switching perspectives between the hunters and the hunted, and those roles reverse many times throughout the story.

At times the novel really reminds me of Rambo: First Blood, and that’s not a bad thing. But unlike John Rambo, Tamir-Benob is a genuinely menacing villain who has plans to lay biblical waste to mankind. The action is fun, and there is also a delightful amount of cloak-and-dagger intrigue. Different individuals are each vying for the power they believe the Nephelim holds. Seeking to use science to unlock the ancient mysteries of what they believe is the descendant of an actual angel, there is plenty of backstabbing and treachery.

The Genesis 6 Project is a suspenseful Christian thriller that blends seamlessly with science fiction themes. This novel will captive readers looking for an action-packed story that keeps them on edge from the open pages till the exciting end.

Pages: 301 | ASIN : B0BN2NWL4L

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The Lawyer’s Angel

Attorney James Crosson’s life is falling apart after his wife’s death. Crosson faces the start of a doomed time, from being the primary accused of the tragic accident to losing his career. A widow appoints Crosson to challenge the injustice that befell her late spouse. Unfortunately, justice is hampered by a rich, exploitative business tycoon to avoid facing the consequences of mishappenings caused by his company. While fighting the undefeatable with almost no chance of survival, James Crosson proves how inner and worldly demons are fought with persistence and in sync with divine intervention.

The Lawyer’s Angel by Scott Allen Benkie is a suspense law thriller crafted carefully with legal integrities. It takes you on a ride that will give you goosebumps when you expect it the least. From grief to guilt, it weaves complex treachery of emotions while simultaneously keeping the plot moving forward. Though the courtroom drama is mechanical, the author keeps it easy for readers from non-legal backgrounds to catch the essence of the law.

The book tries to intertwine spirituality with faith in justice. It explores a theme generally not inculcated in legal suspense. At some points, the plot seemed to be affected by the complexity of its multifold theme. The entire plot revolves around the main protagonist, which keeps the story tied to the main strand but also causes monotony in the narrative arc. The author adds a tinge of drama sustaining the realistic form of narration. In the end, it inspires you to fearlessly take control of your life and try your best to turn it around. It keeps you engulfed in the world of law, justice, and hope, with its characters effortlessly marking their way in your mind.

The Lawyer’s Angel is an engaging legal thriller that will have readers questioning whether truth and justice win in the end. It is a rollercoaster ride as the protagonist battles physical and mental demons in an effort to obtain justice.

Pages: 441 | ASIN : B09ZLSG6H6

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The Last Angel to Fall

The Last Angel To Fall: The Fallen Angel Who Could Help Lucifer Win! by [Brian G. Walsh, Gary R. Walsh]

The Last Angel to Fall – Jubal Stone Series Book One by Brian G. Walsh takes the reader through an action-packed storyline. A meteor’s impact is just the beginning of a series of events that significantly affect people and their community. As events unfold, the story delves into the intricate lives of the police force, survivors of the meteor, and other developments that create an intense but entertaining read.

From the beginning, the story’s pace is quick and captivating. The reader is quickly drawn into a scene that sparks curiosity, fear, and an ever present sense of intrigue. Each chapter introduces the characters, their personalities, and thoughts, as the seemingly bleak chaos of the aftermath leads to further discoveries and a slow unraveling of the mystery at the heart of this story.

We are taken into an urban landscape and the comfort of familiar shops in contrast with the disastrous impact of an unexpected event is striking. Further discoveries are made which uncover something much more than I ever expected.

This book is a fun read, placing intriguing characters into some extraordinary circumstances that makes the pages fly by. The author invests a significant amount of effort into the characters’ backstories, making each character feel authentic and easy to understand, if not relate to.

The Last Angel to Fall is a fantastic story that challenges the imagination and brings a sense of hope and enlightenment to a bleak and terrifying situation. It is a promising start to a book series that I’m sure will continue to entertain readers. This is one of the most unique conspiracy thrillers I’ve read this year. Filled with wild twists and a creative plot that always kept me guessing, I’m sure fans of fast paced suspense novels will devour this story quickly. This novel is 600+ pages but it certainly does not feel that way with its relentless pace where something exciting is always happening, readers will be quickly flipping pages.

Pages: 641 | ASIN: B07TYZXLV2

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The Hainan Conflict

The Hainan Conflict (The Net Book 2) by [DM Coffman]

The Hainan Conflict by D.M Coffman, is a fast paced thriller with incredible and fascinating adventures combined with fast-paced action, and traces of romance. The shadowy hidden cave reckons to end the military conflict of the loyal troops, the island hosts some wicked organization. U.S attorney, and undercover detective YI along with Sarah, a Tibetan judge, are on a mission on the Hainan Island, all are in pursuit of clues relating to the discovery of a refined computer system, concealed in the heart of this aboriginal village. As Sarah, is recovering from an attack, Yi realizes the operations of the internet along with other bio –weapons, all in the underground cave.

D.M Coffman, has used engaging and descriptive language along with intense imagery that clearly reveals the essence of intelligent and brave, but sometimes manipulative, characters. The tension is set high early on in this book and explodes every time the tension breaks with fast action scenes. The mystery of the dynamic personalities of the characters is what intensifies the essence of conflict since every moment brings new discoveries.

As a thriller fanatic, I am particularly impressed with D.M Coffman’s style of delivery, the intrigue that comes along with divided interests even among the inner circle of main characters. So amazing, that there is a heightened tension between Sarah and Yi, yet they have to resolve their differences fast and amicably lest they are defeated by their mysterious enemies.

I liked the turn of events from the time Yi, the undercover detective discovers the enemy’s plan to attack. How he quickly needs to form a secretive military conflict whose fundamental requirement is to be in sync with the US-Sino collaboration. These calculated series of events are the real grounds of the Hainan conflict which eventually result into a forced landing on the island.

The conspiracy among individual characters which pops us in every chapter only heightens the suspense and curiosity. The Hainan Conflict is a captivating political thriller that fans of a Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum will heartily enjoy.

Pages: 254 | ASIN: B082WMGYF9

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The Last Judgement

Brian O'Hare
Brian O’Hare Author Interview

The Doom Murders follows Inspector Sheehan as he pieces together clues from a string of murders connected to the church. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thrilling story?

I was reading a book about mediaeval art and came across a fifteenth century painting of The Last Judgement by Rogier van der Weyden. One segment of the painting showed the lost souls being tossed into the pit, their bodies twisted into grotesque shapes as they were falling. I suddenly visualised a situation in which a detective comes across a series of killings where each dead body is twisted into one of these shapes. What would have caused the killer to do that? This thought led to the writing of The Doom Murders.

Sheehan is an interesting and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind his character development?

Many years ago, before I moved into management myself, I used to lecture on Organisation Theory and The Psychology of Management. I was particularly convinced that the best manager, one who could motivate staff, was one who operated from a human-relations approach. He would have no ego. He would be concerned for his workers’ feelings, and would respect them enough to consult with them about how the organisation should be run. Sheehan’s character came out of this kind of thinking. He can be still grumpy and there is no doubt that he is the boss, but he never acts in a way that would create animosity or cause bad feelings.

I enjoyed the mystery at the heart of this story. Did you plan the mystery before writing or did it develop organically while writing?

The motive behind the killings, and the killer, were apparent to me from the beginning. The ‘fundamentalist’ element stemmed from experiences I have had with people of extreme religious conviction who constantly criticize other people’s ways of life without ever considering their own darkness. What did emerge organically were the biblical clues that were found at each crime scene. Actually, they were not there in the early draft. I had to go back and write those extra clues in, because I felt that the story didn’t have enough of the bizarre to go along with the underpinning concept of The Last Judgement and the psychotic nature of the killings. Similarly with the victims. … I had no idea who would be murdered next. Each victim was created only as I needed another high-profile representative of some significant stratum of society that my killer could set his sights on.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The Doom Murders is the first volume of an award-winning series called The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries. There are four other volumes, three of them already published. The last one is currently going through the editing process with my publisher. This latest book is called The Trafficking Murders and it should be published in the late Autumn of 2020. Details of the other volumes, The 11.05 Murders, The Coven Murders, and The Dark Web Murders, can be found on my Amazon Author Page [link below]. And maybe I should mention that The Dark Web Murders, [which, like each of the other volumes, has won The New Apple Literary Award for excellence] has almost 500 ratings on Goodreads (average 4.5 stars.)

Author Links: Amazon | GoodReads | Facebook | Website | Twitter

Prominent figures in Belfast are being murdered. The bodies are left naked and posed in grotesquely distorted shapes. No clues are left at the forensically immaculate crime scenes except odd theatrical props and some random numbers and letters concealed at each scene by the killer. How are the victims linked? What is the connection between these killings, the bible, and a famous mediaeval painting of The Last Judgement?

The Rhine

The Rhine (Harmony Book 1) by [Dean, R.L.]

The Martians have been ‘enslaved’ by earth for many years and they want their freedom back. It’s rumored that a movement has been formed to rebel against the UN. A movement thought to be behind the pirate attacks in the Belt including one on the Sadie. Matt and his crew may have found proof of this rebellion. The question remains though, is the evidence enough? Will it prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the rebellion is led by Martians? Can Governor Gerhard Schultz find a solution to the difficult situation? Can the governor find reprieve for Martians without going against the UN? How will Apex Mining CEO go about being forced to go against the government?

One of the most enjoyable things about this book is that it is quite relatable. While the real United Nations is (probably) not like the one in the book. One can still compare the colonialism in the book to the neocolonialism that is rampant now. One can find the similarity in Alexandria’s position with that which is faced by many people in her position. The Rhine is both interesting and entertaining while speaking to many modern issues.

R. L. Dean is impeccable and his skills at painting word pictures is on full display. He easily pulls you into his story, and before you know it your in the deep end of a thought provoking science fiction novel. This is a thrilling novel that kept me engrossed from the moment I met Matt to the very end. This science fiction story, although set in the future and in space, is still believable, which is something I always look for in my sci-fi stories.

Matt is a good leader that gets along with his crew but also remains firm and well respected. Alexandria, like any other child who takes over from their esteemed parent, is misunderstood and underestimated. She is admirable in the way she handles Edgar. R. L. Dean is able to balance the characters just enough to understand who they are while still keeping an air of mystery around them.

Everything from descriptions to dialogue are succinct and engrossing. Or it could be that the book was so immensely enjoyed that the discrepancies faded into the background. I loved experiencing the ride with Matt, Yuri and Haydon, and it was enlightening to be in the boardroom with Alexandria giving glimpses into her home life.

At the heart of it, this book is about freedom and how to achieve it. Would you like to achieve freedom through aggression or would you like to be more civil about it?

Pages: 273 | ASIN: B07LD2CQ11

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Callie’s Ghost

Callie’S Ghost by [Christian, James]

You know you’ve started a good mystery story when within the first few pages you’re hooked and questions are flying. Ben is eagerly awaiting a trip to Morocco that he has been planning to undertake for some time when he’s given an offer. From here the book takes the reader on an exploration of how money is used around the globe to sponsor terrorists and undermine countries. The pace picks up quickly, and the intrigue is built up well, making the book hard to put down.

Author James Christian’s career as a university professor at universities around the world shows as he builds up the different locations in the novel. I really felt like I was being taken across the world as I was zipped from the United States to Morocco. The writing style is clean and descriptive. It’s clear that Christian really understands how to pull together an engaging plot and create characters that feel real and easily pull the story along.

From the very beginning of this book, I found myself questioning everything. Government employees, a secret offer, an international trip, and add to that the mysterious title of the story. I was sucked in and was captivated beginning to end. This has an exciting plot that really makes you think about the world around you. Christian was very successful on this front as he was able to deliver a clear message with a thought-provoking plot while never sounding preachy.

The story is action packed and full of fun twists and turns that kept me on my toes. I really liked Ben as a character. He’s smart and dedicated to his job and shows a lot of passion. He’s a great vessel through which to enter into this story. If you like international mystery stories, or political corruptions and espionage stories, then I would definitely suggest that you pick up this book. A unique and wonderfully written story.

Pages: 258 | ASIN:  B0794ZKBHH

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Rest Assured, It Will Be Interesting

John Fennell Author Interview

John Fennell Author Interview

Raven and the Code Book follows Raven as she must secure a code book containing a world changing secret. What was the direction that you wanted to take this book that was different from the first two books in the Raven series?

I mixed in two characters and a special flying machine from the John Vacara series to add a different flare to the story line. I wanted the reader to experience Raven Anderson as they have come to know her, but I wanted the story line mixed up to keep it interesting.

Raven Anderson is a femme fatale secret agent who uses her skills, intelligence and sex appeal to get the job done. What were some new areas of her personality that you wanted to explore in this book?

I wanted Raven Anderson character more defined in this book. I think the reader now has a better perception of her personality, her dreams and why she shunned Naci from her life for over a year. She has learned that she may need to change her life direction as she gets older. I haven’t decided what she will evolve into five or six volumes from now, but rest assured, it will be interesting.

If Hollywood came knocking who would you cast as the lead characters in your book?

Raven – Gal Gadot. Naci – Matt Damon.

What are you currently writing and when will it be available?

A book magnet designed to intertwine both Raven Anderson and John Vacara series. It will explain the background and lay out the future for both series. This will be available late spring 2019 and will be available in electronic version only. It will be free. The next Raven Anderson book is Raven and the Psychiatrist, a story in the world of human trafficking. The next John Vacara series is Nadia’s Return. A very personal look at perhaps the world’s most sought after agent with a slight twist of scifi. these should be out late fall 2019.

Author Links: GoodReads | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Raven teams up with world renown assassin Morgan to seek revenge on her former employer, The Foundation, for not letting her bring closure to her beloved Uncles death. The Foundation put Raven in their sights because she went rouge, a policy that her lover, Naci, tried to change. Morgan and Raven organize an auction that bring together world leaders and a rouge scientist, Falcon-X, who will sell to the highest bidder, an advanced breakthrough in travel. Things don’t go as planned at the auction, Raven must protect Falcon-X and hide him. During their travels to Raven’s bunker, Falcon-X reminds her of something very important. Raven’s uncle Bill, although passed, sent her a signal in old film clip that saves her life. She must protect herself and all those around her, after the devastation Morgan creates in her life. Raven must find out the reason for her uncle’s death and who’s really on her side. She, along with her deceased uncle, put an end to, Raven Gone Rouge.

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