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Dr. Srikanth Gaddam has written this book for anyone that has leadership ambitions. The author writes with certainty and gives practical tips to people that have their eye on leadership positions. I enjoyed reading this book because the author does not use heavy jargon and instead relies on simple terms anyone can understand. As a reader you get to fully understand the content in the book with little effort thanks to the ease with which the author conveys his knowledge. Dr. Srikanth Gaddam addresses readers in a friendly and informative tone. One can easily get his concepts and understand the main message in the book.

There are several topics the author touched upon that are useful not just to leaders, but also to individuals that are working to develop their leadership abilities. I particularly liked the chapter on leadership styles, leadership opportunities and organizational leadership. These chapters have pragmatic advice that will help you in the long run. The other chapters were also well-written, with the author sharing punch lines and crucial quotes in between the discussions. The Leadership Guide is a critical tool for any leader or entrepreneur that wants to take their career and personal development to the next level.

Dr. Srikanth Gaddam will boost your confidence, inspire you to attain that position that you have been eyeing and even help you achieve your goals. The Leadership Guide is the ideal book for you if you are looking for answers about being the head of an organization or even general life advice as it provides sensible solutions to situations we deal with on a daily basis, and this is something didn’t even consider until I read this book. The author is relatable and easily gets one interested in the various topics that he discusses in the book. Other than tips and guides on how to be a great leader, Dr. Srikanth Gaddam also shares valuable lessons that can help you in your place of work; whether you are in the corporate world or are an entrepreneur.

Pages: 132 | ASIN: B09HT2FSBK

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