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The Making of a Physician

The Making of a Physician is a captivating autobiography written by Harry L. Graber, M.D. F.A.C.C.. In his book the author addresses why he chose his career and the people that influenced and shaped his career today. Graber makes an interesting connection between these choices and our DNA, exploring the nature vs. nurture debate, coming to the conclusion that he was meant to become a physician.

In his journey to retirement Graber describes interactions he had with patients that shaped his career outlook. In addition to his own story, he also includes interesting anecdotes from doctors that he knows, providing their perspective on the central question; ‘are you satisfied with your career choices’?

This fascinating biography will be incredibly helpful and insightful for any student of medicine, or anyone beginning their career in that field. Graber details many reasons why he chose the medical field and the fulfilling nature of becoming a doctor. This book will also be beneficial for jaded doctors, as the author gives them reasons to continue with their practice, showing them just how much they contribute to society.

I also this think is a fantastic book for anyone who is looking for a detailed and compelling look at someone that has built a substantial career. Graber provides readers who are not in the medical field an inside look from a doctor’s perspective, allowing the reader to better understand physicians and the sacrifices they go through. The author is straightforward with his stories, not using much medical terminology to confuse his readers, which makes this story easy to read and accessible to a wide audience.

The Making of a Physician: This Was My Calling is a enlightening memoir that explores a fascinating concept on the influences in our lives and how they shape up.

Pages: 202 | ASIN: B0794TYLT6

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