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A Transformative Experience

Beth Harkins Author Interview

The Possibility of Everywhere is a story of a woman’s global journey to discover the transformative power of feminine storytelling and self-discovery. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

I was fascinated thinking about the first stories young girls tell themselves about themselves—and about the impact childhood stories have on shaping our adult lives.

My opening chapter was inspired by my sketchy memories of living in Casablanca, Morocco at age six. I chose to place my protagonist, Cindy Hollingworth, at the same age living her life surrounded by the magic of Morocco while she imagines herself becoming a queen or a goddess.

I show this spunky young girl all horizons are open to her until the day circumstances create a colliding story convincing Cindy that because she is a girl, her life is destined to be one of invisibility and inferiority. In my own life I lived with the self-doubts that became embedded inside the tension-filled story Cindy moves inside of until I found my transformative story. A transformative experience that Cindy must also discover if she is to become who she is meant to be.

Cindy Hollingsworth is a compelling character. What were some driving ideals behind her character’s development?

Cindy hears her mother say she has “sand in her shoes” about the same time when her family must leave Casablanca to return to Oklahoma City. As Cindy departs, she does so carrying the spark of a desire to see and to know the whole wide world. This desire she holds while not yet realizing that what she actually seeks is to find her voice and her value.

Cindy’s wanderlust I used as a path to show the ideals that propelled young Cindy before she could understand or name the deeper seeking propelling her journey forward.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

One important theme I wanted to explore can be summed up by saying: Your story, my story and our stories matter, and how we tell our stories to ourselves and others shapes our lives and can shape the world.

A second theme explores the rise of the feminine that Cindy discovers as she listens to women’s stories and hears ancient goddess myths in places far away as well as close to home.

A related theme involves the importance of the Sacred Feminine for a deep and balanced understanding of the Divine. The theme propelled me through two decades spent writing this novel.

Thirdly, I was excited to explore the theme of “Transformational Travel” with its potential to change hearts and minds and thereby to change the world—from the inside out.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have a chapter included in a composition of women’s stories entitled, “Midlife Awakening,” curated by best-selling author Cathy Derksen, due out in April of 2023 from Action Takers Publishing.

Since it took two decades to complete my first novel, I laughingly have said my next book would be entitled, “How to Write a Book and Transform Your Life in Twenty Years or Less”. However, since most people seek quick solutions rather than decades of searching, I have decided to write short pieces in blog posts about the themes that touch me most. This provides time for launching “Feminine Quest: Transformational Travel.”

I will facilitate travel that offers both inner and outer exploration of old stories and new possibilities. While traveling in a small group, participants are invited to leave their ordinary world to explore the extraordinary beyond everyday tasks and responsibilities. In the process, and through connection with those from other cultures—especially connection with local women and their stories— wider perspectives about the world and about our individual lives can arise.

“Feminine Quest: Transformational Travel” to India is now scheduled for late January 2024.

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Casablanca, French Morocco, 1953-precocious six-year-old American Cindy Hollingsworth imagines all horizons are open to her-until her father shuts her out without acknowledging her voice or value. She concludes that his world belongs to men and her world contains a map of invisibility and inferiority.

As a college girl in Spain, Cindy encounters duende and the mysticism of Saint Teresa of Ávila. As a jet-setting Pan American stewardess she discovers the influence of Isis in Egypt. From fierce and tender Kali in Nepal, from strong voices heard beneath a mango tree in Kenya, from wild hearts met along the backroads of the USA-Cindy senses feminine power rising as a transforming balm.

Yet forces want to crush the emergence. When her boss cruelly dismantles the international women’s empowerment program Cindy creates, she searches for feminine power within herself and watches it touch her husband’s aching heart.

In The Possibility of Everywhere through adventure, love and loss, we experience how much women’s stories matter and realize that how we tell our stories to ourselves shapes our lives and the world.

The Possibility of Everywhere 

Beth Harkins’s, The Possibility of Everywhere, is a must-read for every traveler or for anyone who one-day dreams of traveling. If you’re a seasoned traveler, you’ll find that this book will evoke memories and rekindle a sense of wanderlust. For those who dream of adventurous travel, this book will carry them on their journey to the places of their imagination and destinations they wish to visit.

Cindy Hollingsworth, the protagonist, brings readers on her travel chronicle across various countries, continents, and landscapes, documenting the stories of women along the way. The book is captivating, not just because of its vivid descriptions but the insightful characters within her journey. One of the key themes of this book is the protagonist’s journey to self-discovery and finding acceptance.

Cindy transforms from a self-doubting person who relies on others to build confidence to an empowered woman who embraces her feminine power. This transformation is a remarkable portrayal of personal growth and self-awareness as she gets in touch with the possibilities and capabilities within. The author wrote this book carefully, with each page marking a new chapter or adventure in Cindy’s life.

The Possibility of Everywhere: Casablanca to Oklahoma City, Kathmandu to Timbuktu represents a desire for new experiences and a search for one’s purpose. This book is a statement, or metaphor, for Cindy’s journey, as she experiences a range of emotions from bliss to loss and thrill to uncertainty. It’s an excellent book about those who seek the courage to find themselves and their purpose in life.

ASIN 1639887024 | Pages 318

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