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A Character’s Morals or Vices

Eli Pope
Eli Pope Author Interview

The Spark of Wrath continues the Cader family saga and the murder, lies, greed, and adultery, that comes with them. What were some new ideas you wanted to explore in this book that were different from book one?

As the saga continues, I wanted to concentrate on Jay’s younger son, Darrell, along with introducing some other characters into the saga. Like life in reality, the way people react to people along with circumstances they bring or cause, only add to the main characters of a story. I want the reader to feel like they themselves know each character to the point they begin assuming what will happen because of their connection to them. It adds to the excitement and mystery when things look one way but end up something totally unexpected.
The characters in your story continue to be fascinating and realistic.

What were some new ideas you wanted to explore in this book that were different from book one?

When building characters in a saga, I believe it’s a bit different than a normal series or one-off novel. People who read this type of story, I believe want to go deep into the character’s mind. I wanted to introduce characters that brought new problems to the Caders and their acquaintances that have evolved throughout the story. Greed, sex, and power are some main reasons for people to either fight the urges to succumb or make the choices that have serious repercussions. Both physically and mentally. I love setting up challenges to a character’s morals or vices and then try to throw something unexpected to challenge the way the reader feels about them. In a thriller, my point is to lead the reader to one way of thinking, and twist their thoughts into another when the reaction wasn’t what they were certain it would be. Help them either like a character and then give them a reason to dislike them, or vice-versa.

What were some challenges you set for yourself as a writher with this book?

Honestly, I wanted to introduce the reader to situations or types of people that most of us never really know exist on a personal level. The effects those temptations can have on a neighbor or even someone they may know or work with, but be clueless of what that person keeps hidden from sight. I love surprise. I love reading it and I absolutely love when I can catch the reader off guard. The challenge I set myself up to, was to be able to keep pulling those twists consistently enough to force the reader to fall in love with the whole concept of choices and how they effect people or characters.

This is book two in The Mason Jar Series. What can readers expect in book three?

Definitely, more challenging twists and new characters as the story evolves. As long as the readers are enjoying it and the ideas keep from growing redundant, I intend to keep this series alive and exciting for the readers. I think I enjoy writing this more than the reader does reading. The late hours spent in this world as I write and then getting up early to dive back in, tells me there is something going on that is enticing in the Cader world down in a little town called Apalachicola, Fl. My only fear is that the next time I visit Apalachicola, they may ask me not to come back! I have painted it as a town with lots of dirty secrets back in the eighties!

I can say I’ve written four in the series so far and am about to release book three-The Glass House, hopefully in the end of June this year. My brilliant narrator, Paul J McSorley will have that manuscript in hand first of June to do his magic in adding a really totally different dimension to the books. He has signed on to produce them as long as I keep writing them! That thought alone keeps my brain wanting to continue dreaming up new and better sub-plots. If you have never listened to an Audible book, I suggest giving it a try. It really is totally different than reading a book. I enjoy both, but when I travel on the road, you can bet I’m listening to good exciting audio.

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The Spark of Wrath continues the saga of the dysfunctional Cader family. Darrell, the youngest son of Billy Jay Cader, is coming of age and tyring to accept his background of abuse. He’s tired of explaining his past and attempts of killing his poppa with his preacher’s shotgun. He’d merely wounded him along with his own pride and now the reality of his poppa getting away with murdering his only brother and leaving them on their own sparked the embers of hate inside him.
Could the new girl in school draw his internal attention away from his past and lead him down a different path? Or was the Cader family and those who surrounded them bound for more dysfunction and tragedy?
Climb aboard and be whisked back to a small Florida coastal town in the early eighties and see how Franklin County Florida as straight, flat, and open as it can be, can lead people on the most twisted and crooked path possible. Murder, lies, greed, adultery, and spiritual deception. The road t’s and as easy as the choices to make appears…the wrong turn is usually taken.
The Mason jar form of justice from book one-The Judgment Game…continues on.

The Spark of Wrath

THE SPARK OF WRATH (The Mason Jar Series Book 2) by [Eli Pope]

Eli Pope is back with the second installment in The Mason Jar series, The Spark of Wrath. In the second book, we continue to follow the Cader family saga. The youngest son of Billy Jay Cader, Darrell, is grappling with his abusive upbringing and becoming a young adult. The fact that Jay is back in town doesn’t make Darrell’s struggles any easier. As we watch Darrell try to come into his own and his father make more questionable decisions, we can only hope for the best outcome. Will things improve for the Caders’? Find out in The Spark of Wrath.

Once again, Pope did not disappoint in the slightest. He is a master when it comes to writing about human emotions and childhood trauma. He possesses a deep understanding of the human condition and consistently displays that in his work. First, let me start by saying how much I appreciated the well-developed side characters. Something many authors struggle to do is implement side characters that add value to their story. The interactions our main characters had with side characters like Chubbs, Kyle, Violet, and Joyce added a richness to the overall story.

I feel that Pope’s ability to write realistic neuro-divergent characters offers an educational lesson to his readers about some of the plights people in this world experience. In the story, we acknowledge Jay has a past that could make him behave the way he does – but his behavior is not excused. He is the perfect illustration of a narcissistic parent who cannot recognize his own wrongdoings, but everyone else around him does. He has an “I receive pain; I give pain” narrative. The execution of this part of the story was superb.

I enjoyed the role Mitzi B played within the story and felt that with some fine-tuning she could have been perfect. My problem with her character stems from the way she talks about boys and herself. The way she spoke sounded like what middle school boys think girls talk about when they have a slumber party. Other than the narrative voice of Mitzi B, this novel is perfect.

If you’re looking for a fantastic family saga series or a stirring psychological thriller, I can wholeheartedly recommend The Spark of Wrath and The Mason Jar series.

Pages: 250 | ASIN: B08YXF74WF

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