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Joshua Landeros Author Interview

The Vision Prelude follows a young warrior who sets out to gain a different life than the one of war and strife he was raised in. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

This story was inspired by my obsession with the Vinland Saga. In that story, Thorfinn strives to find what his father called “Vinland”, a mystical and untouched land where there is no slavery or war. On top of that, he wants to get to these lands without using coercion, war, or duplicity. In much the same way, this is Sir Longavian’s mission when arriving on the shores of Sebel. Jingseh, the continent in the east, has been plagued with war since before he was born. It is the time of peace that the noble knight tries his best to go further out into the world than his father ever did. Pinus is also not a conqueror by any means. Even though he has his darker moments, at his core he strives to never trample upon the weak.

Pinus wants more than the world he grew up in and sets out to sea in hopes of finding a better life. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

For me this felt personal. It’s the simple idea of expanding your worldview and experiences beyond what your parents did. I think many parents would agree the whole goal of their guidance is to ultimately give their children a better life and even greater opportunities than they had for themselves. Pinus was given that gift at a terrible price, and now he is trying to fulfill that dream one step at a time. The problems arise when he runs into obstacles like lack of funds, the wrath of mother nature, and of course the very people of Sebel themselves. 

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

For one thing, I really wanted to explore Jingseh, the land of the Forest People. Their culture is an odd blend of nature-oriented mindfulness while at the same time focusing on European-style medieval caste systems. Pinus finds himself at the top of that system, and must accept both its gifts and its curses. At the same time, I also wanted to explore the horror of wars and close mindedness. As the Asum of Allusea said quite poignantly, when the elite of Jingseh weren’t fighting the Ankar people, they were fighting amongst themselves. Part of her reason to accept Pinus was an effort to not follow the isolationist mentality of her forebears. 

Where does the next book in the series take the characters?

The next book, The Demon Seed, will be quite a ride for readers. A hundred cycles later, Pinus has not only established a thriving trade-based relationship with Sebel, but he’s also come to rear a family of his own. Despite the joy, there is smoke on the horizon. Old hates never die, and worse still, certain individuals from within and outside threaten to tear apart the amity between the world’s nations. Greed and war rear their ugly heads and Pinus must do everything in his power to stop it. The story will be available first on Kindle Vella before being released as a paperback and ebook in December of this year. Readers should prepare for a wild ride with any new characters, breathtaking new worlds, and exhilarating action! 

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Pinus Ave Longavian wanted to see the wider world since he was a boy. The young warrior was born and raised in the rainforest covered mountains of Jingseh. Being brought up in times of war and public strife, the open sea became more than just the longings of a mountain boy. It was his salvation. In his travels, Pinus arrives on the shores of the unexplored continent of Sebel. The meeting of these two vastly different people brings the exchange of goods, culture, and magic itself. Prosperity seems within reach for all. Lurking beneath the peace, however, mistrust and malice grow in tandem. Pinus knows what lurks in all men no matter the continent: the lust for the Law of Might. Smoke is on the horizon, and the spoils will go to the victor.
This collected edition includes extras for readers, including:
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Destinies clash in the novella The Vision Prelude. Previously published as Law of Sacrilege [Episodes 1-10] on Kindle Vella.

The Vision Prelude

The Vision Prelude (Law of Sacrilege Book 1), by Joshua Landeros, is a fantasy story about Pinus Ave Longavian. He is a Jengsehi knight leading an expedition to open up trade with the people of Sebel. In the process, he’s taken back to his past.

I enjoyed how Joshua Landeros brought his world to life. It was easy to see what he was describing. He created a caste system and magic rules that felt real and natural. Neither one overwhelmed the story. In reading this, I got a remarkably good sense of the Jengsehi. I was able to see the island they lived on. The culture was rich. Religion wasn’t discussed much, but enough was there to get a good sense of it. While this was a religion that Landeros made for his world, I could see the real-world influence on it. And I liked how he didn’t just make it so that there wasn’t any conflict.

While there was a lot about the Jengsehi, there wasn’t much given about the Sebels. In a way, this is a good thing because they have been closed off from other cultures. They don’t trade with anyone. Pinus could change their minds but not necessarily in the way he intended. It got far more personal for him than he then he thought it would. I would’ve liked to have seen more from the Sebels to truly explain why they were closed off and why Pinus’s reaction to his father’s death was such a turning point for the Sebels.

The Vision Prelude (Law of Sacrilege Book 1), by Joshua Landeros, is a riveting and well-imagined world with characters that feel real. I enjoyed the book so much that I wanted it to be longer to fully bring the two cultures together. I look forward to seeing where the author takes this in future works.

Pages: 167 | ASIN : B0BN8RZKN3

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