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The Fisherman’s Wife

The Fisherman’s Wife by T N Traynor is a story of a young fisherman’s wife, Connie who struggles with her husband’s brutal and drunken temper. Being unable to have children has left Connie feeling broken and cursed.

The real adventure begins when a band of pirates and townsmen decide to rade a ship for its treasure. Connie stumbles upon Ernest Eddie, one of the pirates of the raided and wrecked ship drowning. She saves his life and hides him. Both are looking for a way out of the life they are currently living. Developing feelings for one another complicates matters further. So together, they set out to find a lost treasure.

The Fisherman’s Wife was a fun and easy romance novel. Author T N Traynor did an excellent job setting up the back story of Connie and her longing to escape her abusive husband. You really get to understand both her loyalty to her husband as well as her disdain for the drunken brute. The author’s character development is strong and well thought out. Readers will want to see Connie find happiness while finding Eddie to be complex and struggling with his own identity.

I thoroughly enjoyed the love story between Connie and Earnest Eddie. I am a huge fan of the bad boy, or in this case, the pirate turned good, all in the name of some woman they happen to fall in love with. However, I was also hoping for a bit more excitement and adventure as the two of them made their escape while being followed by Smiley and the rest of his pirate crew in order to obtain a treasure from Eddie.

The Fisherman’s Wife: Love & Murder in Pirates Cove is a captivating historical romance novel that will also give readers pirate treasure hunting and a thrilling escape adventure.

Pages: 231 | ASIN : B09ZJ8FNZH

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Hope in Liverpool

Hope in Liverpool is a stirring historical romance novel following a dejected young woman who finds renewed hope in a handsome stranger that provides the prospect of a better life. But that life has its own set of obstacles.

Hope Bennett is an intriguing character and could be described as a woman with a gentle soul and a heart of gold, but don’t let that fool you because once you hit a nerve she can be as feisty as ever. This dynamic character is really brought to life by T N Traynor’s sharp writing.

This emotionally charged love story showcases the hardships that women go through on a daily basis, yet somehow they are able to soldier on and continue being the anchors in their home while also being their own pillars of strengths. Traynor takes this novella beyond your typical romantic love story and makes it a book that shows the strength of a woman while adding a twist of romance. The story is a deep but subtle exploration of dysfunctional families and through this it shows the true value of forgiveness.

As a young woman myself I was able to empathize with, if not relate to, Hope as she felt authentic and the writing really places the reader in her shoes. This is a melodramatic love story, but it’s melodrama done right. It brings all the emotions of family drama and love to the forefront and probes them throughout the story in various ways that ensures the reader is always entertained. Although this is a love story it still displays the imperfections of people and choices.

When I read through the prologue I thought this was going to be a stuffy historical fiction novel, but stick with it because after chapter one I was fully engaged with the story.

Hope in Liverpool is a stimulating historical romance novel with a well-conceived and thoughtful protagonist that was a delight to follow. This a compelling romance novel that will appeal to anyone looking for a quick but riveting love story.

Pages: 210 | ASIN: B091B8LYNP

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