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The Novel Is About Time

Tucker Lieberman Author Interview

Most Famous Short Film of All Time is an enlightening book with thoughtful observations on life and insight into being transgender. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Seeking ways to cut down my rough draft, I split the novel into 486 sections—one for each frame of the Zapruder film—and I limited each of those sections to 125 words. I marked each micro-section visually with a numbered frame from the film. Additional material didn’t fit within that structure. I found other ways to work in the rest of the material, so the novel remains long. That’s how the structure was set up.

Your characters were interesting and I enjoyed following them. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

The narrator is treading water in his life when the story opens. Nothing much is happening for him. One day, he has a problem, and he realizes: The people in this system aren’t going to help me. This insight doesn’t merely open his eyes. His whole life accelerates. He has to find the way forward. Some ways back will have to close.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Replaying memories, ruminating on possibilities, dealing with ghosts, making decisions (or not), and what all of that tells us about our experience of time. The novel is about time.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

It’s an opportunity to read a transgender character who’s dealing with things other than his gender transition. The narrator transitioned about 15 years before the main events of the story. Since he’s post-transition, the novel isn’t about his transition. It’s about other things he goes through as a result of being a person of transgender experience. I want to spark readers’ imaginations about certain life experiences and interpretations thereof that could be particular to transgender people and that we aren’t taught to see, appreciate, or respond to, partly because we tend to forget that post-transition is a real phase of life in which many people spend many years.

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Ghosts and goddesses beckon Lev Ockenshaw. Oh, bother. Fortunately, he’s got a pill for that. In 2014, Lev is happily telling campfire stories in Boston with his longtime friend, Stanley, and his coworker, Aparna. One day, he receives an anonymous, threatening email referring to the company where he and Aparna work. He reports the threat to his boss, but is not believed. Most Famous Short Film of All Time is a non/fiction-hybrid philosophical novel about belief, prejudice, perception, ethical action/inaction, undoing/redoing decisions, trying harder, being excellent to your friends, being a fictional character, being trans, the nature of time, and burning things that do not serve.

Most Famous Short Film of All Time

Literature such as this is needed in today’s world. This is a unique and thoughtful book that conveys several messages that are important in contemporary society. A cross between literary fiction and philosophy, this is a wholly unique experience that will leave readers pondering well after they put the book down.

The first thing I’ll say about Most Famous Short Film of All Time is that it is an extraordinary piece like no other book that I have read. The story jumps around over a few years with a variety of circumstances unfolding over the timespans. The format of the book will ensure readers are engaged throughout as it has an unusual structure. While the book is a bit scattered I think that once readers have immersed themselves in the book they will start to see a pattern emerge and they will appreciate the story, which is about a person going through a profound transformational journey.

This was an enlightening book with thoughtful observations on life and insight into being transgender. Author Tucker Lieberman has done a marvelous job of bringing the transgender experience to light. As the story unfolds through this “metafiction” tale, it gives even the most closed-minded of readers an inside look at what goes on in the lives of people who make a choice in life that they feel inwardly drawn to make. While at the same time giving the reader a peek into the minds of people that actually drives one to make said choice.

Most Famous Short Story Ever can seem long from the number of pages, but this may be a result of the formatting so don’t let that turn you away. This is a good book that will open your eyes and mind to a subject that many are still uninformed about.

Pages: 922 | ASIN: B0B6Q9F19V

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