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A Kine Author Interview

A Kine Author Interview

White Harvest finds Lilly imprisoned with a man that reveals long held secrets of the occult, religious texts and secret societies. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thought-provoking novel?

The story came to me in a dream, including all the weird details. What followed was years of religious research. I didn’t think the dream was religious at first but five minutes reading revelation alerted me to it’s religious nature. Originally this book was one large book but it became too big for one book and when the March 15 terror attack happened in my home town, I decided to cover it in my book and that lead to splitting the book in two.

Lilly is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some ideas you pursued while creating her character?

Lilly is basically me, her reactions are mine. I have never been a religious teacher, I added that to give her a reason to know religion so well and her rather shady background isn’t mine either, but her personality is pretty much me … I think?

The relationship between Lilly and Ox is unique and odd. What were some themes you wanted to explore with their relationship?

I literally dreamed Ox up. I’m not sure if his personality matches that of anybody I know? I’m not sure what to say other than that he appeared in a lucid dream of mine that keep expanding.

This is book one in the Behind the Veil series. Where will the next book in the series pick up?

It picks up almost immediately this book ends as it was one book. It starts with a creation story and covers religious history in-depth. New Charters are introduced. My friend, who is reading it, says the info introduced is so new to her that she is constantly having to take a break to absorb it but is enjoying the journey.

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After being imprisoned in a secret, deep underground military base, Lilly takes comfort in the arms of a long-term captive there who’s like no man she’s ever met before. He helps her survive in a sinister world where power reigns supreme. When discussions turn to the social agenda playing out in the world above and the political spin associated with it, he proves himself to be more brain than brawn. After revealing secrets hidden in religious texts, the occult, and secret societies, the veil is lifted from Lilly’s eyes.

Working towards a set goal for thousands of years, the global elite and the men behind the curtain, have been following mystery school teachings. Using arcane knowledge encoded into readily available texts, their leading societies, the Freemason’s, the CIA, and the Catholic Church’s dark agenda has long been to get humanity to believe many falsehoods at a certain point in time. These untruths are currently being championed. Having, for the most part, achieved their goals, the global elite are ready to execute their agenda. With the clock ticking, Lilly hopes to escape in time to make a difference.

Like Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” this book includes research, knowledge, and facts, but it’s also controversial and confronting.

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White Harvest

White Harvest (Behind the veil: Book 1) by [Kine, A]

It all started with a nice man in a café. A man so nice he stirred sugar into her beverage. What followed was a series of lies and deceptions that led to the loss of her son. Lilly Reynolds finds herself trapped in a secret underground cell with a pool of water and an unlikely ‘friend’. She finds herself having to develop a weird friendship with a bigfoot Ox. Is there a hope of escape for Lilly? Does she suffer Stockholm syndrome? Is her perception of prison influenced by her ‘friend’?

White Harvest is thought-provoking and deeply disturbing. Everything from the strange sex and Lilly’s desire to be comforted by Ox are disconcerting to say the least. However, this is what makes the story good. Your flabbergast button will remain perpetually pressed. It is imaginative and creative. The author’s masterful portrayal of this warped world is a testament to author’s literary prowess. The author weaves a sufficiently graphic and well detailed account of Lilly’s experience.

Lilly is a likable woman. To some extent you will understand her strangely welcoming reception of Ox so soon after meeting. Then there is Ox, whose motivation I barely understood and who always seems like he could be genuine despite the mildly manipulative undertone. An undertone that could very well be imagined. It is so hard to decipher whether his is a façade or not. These are just examples of the author’s ability to create wonderfully appealing characters that have depth and dimension. The characters do as much for the book as the complex plot does.

White Harvest has a comedic nature with an element of darkness. It is all conspiracy theories with some truths too. The reader will enjoy all the references and lessons from Ox. I found myself engrossed in this strange tale of human nature. It is a tale about choices that human beings face from time to time. It is about the impact of situations versus the nature of the choices taken.

This is a book you take your time with. Consume every page in its entirety and enjoy looking at the world through Lilly’s eyes.

Pages: 345 | ASIN: B07YKBQZGC

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