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Witches Could Be Clever

Author Interview
Margaret Harcourt West Author Interview

Winifred the Wonder Witch follows a whimsical good-natured witch who uses creative problem-solving in different situations to help herself and others.What was the inspiration for these stories?

The inspiration to write ‘Flying Santa’ and ‘Winifred the Wonder Witch’ was my granddaughters. When they were small I told them many stories, and these were the two that resulted in a book.

What were some of the emotional and moral guidelines you followed when developing your characters?

I thought that witches in many stories had ‘a bad rap.’ I wanted to show that witches could be clever, kind and helpful – like many other heroes.  

What were some educational aspects that were important for you to include in this children’s book?

Winifred is an excellent problem solver.  From Winifred, children could learn how to be smart, kind, and help those in need.  She also knows how and when to involve others in her projects.

Will there be more stories about Winifred the Wonder Witch, and when will they be available?

There may be more Winifred books, but only if ‘Winifred the Wonder Witch’ proves to be popular.

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‘Winifred the Wonder Witch’ features two stories: ‘The Witch Who Lost Her Magic’ and ‘Saving the Dragons.’ In the first story, Winifred loses her magic, and she has to find a way of getting it back.

In the second story, we meet the princesses who want to save the dragons; because ‘there aren’t many dragons left in the world.’ Winifred, as she does in ‘Flying Santa,’ comes to the rescue in her inimitable, dramatic and exciting style.

Winifred the Wonder Witch

Winifred the Wonder Witch faces two incredible challenges in this whimsical double feature! In the first story, The Witch who Lost her Magic, Winifred, the beloved Wonder Witch, struggles to regain her lost magic from the clutches of grumpy Gerald, the Giant. Enlisting the help of an unlikely ally, Winifred sets out on the quest to get her magic back, and absolutely nothing will stand in her way. In the second tale, Saving the Dragons, the young Princesses Madeline and Isabella do all they can to protect their endangered pet dragons. However, when a dreadful scheme by the evil black witches threatens their beloved pets, the princesses, with the help of Winifred and her friends, must use their wits to safeguard the dragons from harm.

Winifred the Wonder Witch by Margaret Harcourt West is a wonderfully whimsical tale of magic and adventure. Each concise narrative takes up about half the book, and gentle storytelling whisks the reader into a far-off world where anything is possible. There is a good focus on problem-solving, as witty Winifred thinks outside the box to protect her world from danger. Enemies can become friends, and allies can be found in the strangest of places in this lovely adventure. Charmingly illustrated by Hilbert Bermejo, these tales of friendship and fantasy are nothing short of enchanting, firmly securing a spot in my heart as Winifred soars high up in the skies.

Perfectly suited for ages 6 and up and all who love a gentle tale of magic, Winifred the Wonder Witch is an adventure that simply can’t be missed. With beautiful storytelling, an enchanting setting, and loveable characters, Winifred’s journey of overcoming problems as she fights to save the day is an excellent choice for bedtime or anytime. Together with Winifred, prepare to soar high as the Wonder Witch explores her wonderful world.

Pages: 42 | ASIN : B08XJNT6QM

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