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The FIFO Wives’ Tales

The Fifo Wives’ Tales by Yasmin Walter is a non-fiction book that explores the lives and minds of FIFO wives. FIFO stands for fly-in fly-out lifestyle. From far afar this lifestyle might seem luxurious and easy money, but with magnifying scopes, the reality emerges. All these wives have their share of challenges to cope with. Even when the money is abundant, it has sacrifices and struggles of its own. With each FIFO wife telling her own story, we get a peek into the variety of people involved in the FIFO lifestyle and the impact it has on different individuals.

Each of these FIFO wives shows us a part of their life and their struggles. Each one is unique in its way and yet has glaring similarities. This book breaks the misconceptions surrounding the FIFO lifestyle and how it is not for everyone. Even when they are not fully satisfied with this way of living, some things work out for these FIFO wives and they prefer to stay like that. It has its pros and cons, like any other industry.

As all the writings are by real-life women with their way of explaining their life, the writing style continues to change from wife to wife. It kept me interested and curious throughout the book. However, there are some instances of miscarriage, accidents, affairs, etc. which might trigger some people. FIFO wives have explored the physical and emotional stress their life and relationship go through and many of them have suggested ways to cope with them as well.

I was not aware of how harrowing it can be for both partners to manage their lifestyles around the FIFO lifestyle. Many people tend to compare the struggles of both the partners and rate one higher than the other; the reality is that they both are in this together, struggling in their ways and handling it as best as they can.

Yasmin Walter changes the way we look at FIFO couples and breaks misconceptions and preconceived notions we place upon them before we get to know them. I appreciated that the author has written this novel as a way for FIFO wives to support one another. I recommend this book to those who are curious about the FIFO lifestyle as Walters and the other FIFO wives share their stories, unfiltered.

Pages: 170 | ASIN : B09CC5Y5VK

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Love, Bruises & Bullsh!t

Love Bruises and Bullsh!t is an anthology book consisting of stories detailing abuse towards the different women who are featured. The book was compiled by Sheree Schonian & Yasmin Walter and features twenty different stories from different women who have experienced abuse. These stories deal with abuse from family and significant others and they share how the women involved have either dealt with that trauma or how that trauma affects the victim and their families. Some stories have names associated with them and some are left completely anonymous, demonstrating how hard coming forward and telling your story can be. Some of these stories are also told from the perspective of a child dealing with the abuse. That really added another level to the book, showing the abuse from all angles.

This is a book everyone should read, even if it makes you uncomfortable; especially if it makes you uncomfortable. That is because this book shows the true, sad reality of abuse from those who have experienced it firsthand. The two authors who compiled these stories, Sheree Schonian & Yasmin Walter, do a great job of choosing stories that have weight and really leave an impact on the reader. The definitions of the three pillars in the title, love bruises and bullsh!t, are given at the front of the book. This is a perfect introduction to the reader for what is to come and also gives insight into how it might be hard to see an abusive relationship while you are in it.

I appreciated that the authors added resources and statistics within the book, providing women with information on how to get help if needed. I especially loved the how to support someone section, as people who have not dealt with abuse might not know exactly how to help when they see someone in danger. That is a very important resource provided. This is a book everyone should read, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or experience of abuse because it shines a light on an issue that affects everyone but is rarely talked about.

Pages: 280 | ISBN: 0645255882

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