To Regain a Purpose

D.C. Gilbert
D.C. Gilbert Author Interview

Montagnard follows an ex-Navy Seal into the seedy underbelly of Ho Chi Minh City to rescue his mother. What was the inspiration for the setup of this exciting novel?

From my standpoint, going back to find her lost Montagnard brother is simply something that a strong woman like Mai Cordell would feel she had to do. First, she would feel she owed her adopted brother a considerable debt. And second, after losing her husband to cancer, she would be looking to regain a purpose in her life. Anytime you have an internal struggle in a country such as the war in Vietnam, there are bound to be unsettled scores and hatreds. Look at our own Civil War in the US. If her Montagnard brother were the fierce warrior and ally to the American Special Forces serving in Vietnam described in the first book in the series, an old feud such as the one in this story would likely exist. Then, what kind of Navy SEAL, retired or not, would not attempt to rescue his mother in such a situation, where diplomatic channels would be all but useless.

JD Cordell is an intriguing and well-developed character. What were some driving ideals behind his character development?

Okay, so I have to admit that JD is a composite character made up of some of the character traits I have that I am proud of, and some of the character traits I admire in others and wish I possessed. While not a Navy SEAL, I am a combat arms US Army veteran and served with the 101st Air Assault Division. I have 35 plus years of martial arts training and graduated from the top private bodyguard school in the US. I have good friends who were Vietnam Veterans, and I have met a few former Navy SEALs. This background gave me a broad framework from which to develop the character of JD Cordell. I mostly pulled the best from all of these resources to mold the kind of man I wanted my main character to be.

The book takes place in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City. Why did you pick this location for the setting of your novel?

Well, much of the story takes place in the area north and west of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), and I need a location that readers could identify with and visualize. It had to be a city with a thriving travel and tourism industry, and it had to be modern enough to have a seedy underbelly; bars, night clubs, brothels, and corrupt officials. It also had to be a large enough city that people from the persecuted Montagnard tribes could go there to hide and eke out a living. Ho Chi Minh City was the obvious choice.

This book is the second in your JD Cordell Action Series. What can readers expect in book three?

In the third installment, we will see more of Hana Hahn, who played a massive role in helping JD rescue his mother. Hana’s character is the redemption thread through the Montagnard story, and by the end of the tale, she has a new purpose in life. That purpose is going to run afoul of a human trafficking ring operating between South East Asia and the US, probably via the Philippines. JD Cordell, with a few other returning characters (and perhaps one new one), is going to have to step in to rescue some of their victims. These will be young women that Hana Hahn is working with. Pallie and Vivas will both return, and we might see a little more of Rick Hahn, Hana’s father. Of course, there will be the requisite “relentless” action, martial arts, and perhaps just a touch of romance. Again, it is really about having a sense of honor and loyalty and doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.

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Navy SEAL, JD Cordell, is ready to retire and take his K9 partner, Ajax, with him. JD has exciting plans for a new life that includes the courageous and beautiful Doctor Ellen Chang he met on a mission in Niger.

But when JD’s father unexpectedly dies of cancer, his grieving mother, Mai, travels to Vietnam to search for her adopted Montagnard brother, a brother she hasn’t seen in over forty years. During her attempt to track him down, Mai unwittingly steps into a blood feud between her Montagnard brother and a powerful Vietnamese drug lord, a bitter hatred that began during the Vietnam War.

When his mother disappears into the seedy underbelly of Ho Chi Minh City, JD has no choice but to come out of retirement for one last explosive mission. And Ajax is with him all the way.

If you liked Serpents Underfoot, you’re going to love Montagnard. Order your copy now!

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