Hawaiian Kahuna Sorcery

Luigi N. Spring
Luigi N. Spring Author Interview

Sorcerers’ Prayer: Book 2 follows the Judge as he slowly fills his new role and guides his flock to the apocalypse. What were some new ideas you wanted to introduce in this book that were different from book one?

The two parts of Book 2 were written concurrently with their predecessor – Book 1 Sacred Idol – in an endeavor to emulate the tryptic formula successfully embraced by Dan Brown and James Rollins. However, I didn’t pull it off.

In the second book, I wanted to give the backstory of how the Judge attained the ranks of immortality and Hawaiian kahuna sorcery. In addition, I needed to justify the bloodthirsty revenge enacted by the Judge in Book 1, as ritual mayhem was committed upon his Hawaiian brethren.

Judge Kaona goes through a large transformation in this book. What were some sources that informed his character development in this book?

The loss of his wife and unborn child predetermined Judge Kaona’s alternative career aspirations of pastor and everlasting sorcerer. In his quest to alleviate the intense depression and eventual bipolarism, he sought solace in the realm of narcotics. The Judge’s addiction to opium—which he called “God’s medicine”—instigated his kindred relationships with Priestess Kalehua and the party hearty King of Hawaii.

What do you feel draws you to the dark fantasy/horror genre? Or do you feel it is incidental to the story you want to tell?

The primary motive for writing this thriller series was to chronicle the recorded history of a Honolulu judge who had morphed into a pastor and mass-murderer. So, there weren’t too many options available for a suitable selection of genre.

What can readers expect in book three?

I currently possess extensive notes for Books 3 and 4 of the Sorcerers’ Prayer series. The third book is called Strego Scarpelli – which transports the Professor back to the middle age Venice inquisitions. In Book 4 – named Eutropos – the Professor and Judge tag-team to create a tropical utopia, which later engages its anti-thesis or antithesis. Priestess Kalehua is the name of the last novel of the planned Sorcerers’ Prayer series; those nocturnal ruminations are currently on the proverbial back burner.

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Book 2 I. Precious Blood An eighteen-hundreds Hawaiian judge is in the throes of manic depression due to the tragic loss of his pregnant wife and supposed unborn child. He tries anything to get over his state of anguish—even opium. The judge then finds out about a fountain of youth located beneath a church on the Big Island of Hawaii. Once he drinks of the precious blood flowing from the spring head, he becomes seemingly immortal. The judge will do anything to protect his font of everlasting existence, even by coercing his new pastoral flock—who call him the Prophet—to commit all kinds of mayhem to assure their chance of redemption during the imminent apocalypse.II. Honor and Majesty After a successful prison break, the fugitive Prophet—aka the Judge—makes fast friends with the King of Hawaii. They smoke opium in the royal palace and tour the catacombs and tunnel systems below the island of Oahu—containing treasures and amazing historical artifacts. Then they sail over to the island of Molokai where the Judge is conferred into the realm of Hawaiian sorcery. He acquires numerous magical powers, which include the ability to slay his adversaries by the power of prayer alone. The Judge later attends a Hawaiian secret society meeting— sanctioned by the Freemasons—at the royal palace. Later that evening, while taking part in an adult parlor game—which incorporates a ball of Hawaiian twine—a vivacious lady in red debilitates the judge for all eternity.

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