Her Hunger to Belong

Aino Lahteva
Aino Lahteva Author Interview

Strands of Existence follows a woman who leaves her home and must piece together her memories while navigating a new world. What was the inspiration for the setup to this riveting story? 

These sorts of questions are difficult for me as I’m very much a “pantser” when it comes to characters and plot. I see most things in my head in movie form. It always starts with the main character’s image and name. After some prodding, they start to reveal a little more about their nature which will, in turn, help me to make them into a more believable person and get a feel whether the story is going to have a happy or sad ending, or something in-between. I have conversations with them, or sometimes as them, trying to reason their positions on moral issues (which I’m sure amuses my neighbors as they see me prattling to myself in the garden).

Istrae is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind her character development?

I wanted to illuminate her hunger to belong and know more about herself and explore how much she would be willing to go through for such revelations. To me, she is a character that can become a hero or a villain in the course of the story, and I want the reader to know her intimately so her decisions make sense intuitively when we get to some darker issues later on in the series.

What were some themes that you wanted to focus on in this book?

Finding oneself, finding a place to belong, someone to belong to, and how much of all that is up to the person. The battle between wanting something and knowing that to get it you have to deprive someone else of something (which is probably an overarching theme for the series starting with smaller personal issues at first and progressing to a larger scale later on).

This is book one in your Strands of Existence series. What can readers expect in book two? 

Book 2 (working title “Sea of Shadows”) will open up new parts of the city and the natural laws of the magic system more. We’ll dive a little into the world of Istrae’s love interest as Rime’s Guard with the army behind him steps into the light. Much of the book will focus on events just leading up to and happening during the civil war within the city. Hopefully, the next book will be out in 2021 either in late spring or early autumn.

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As an opportunist, Istrae yearns to get off her home island and visit Kerth, the City of Light and Abundance. Her preferred method of travel, however, didn’t include drowning. And she didn’t expect the city to be so dirty. Her memories are as broken as her body. She begins to piece them together with the help of a spirit bound to a statue and an ambitious army captain called Rime she enjoys teasing. While Rime guides Istrae in her new life, it becomes evident the rigid rules of society and the city’s Temple do not welcome those who seek to shake the established rules, which is something Istrae is incapable of resisting.

The *new linguistically revised* version of the novel. Island Girl is the first book in a fresh epic fantasy series Strands of Existence with tones of adventure and a splash of romance. A whole new world with it’s own laws, intuitive magic, and religion.

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