Expanding Our Light

Dr. Lauren J. Ball wrote this book to speak too any self-doubting soul whose faith gets tested. Reading Explaining Our Light was a delight. Dr. Lauren J. Ball knows how to speak to his audience individually and collectively. There are words that the author uses to personally get the message home. Expanding Our Light is much more than a self help book that will help you discover yourself. The author is thorough with his notes, enabling readers to do some soul searching and helping those that have despaired get some hope. I enjoyed reading every bit of this book because of kind the author was.

The first chapter of the book talks about The Light. The author includes biblical references and gives a clear explanation of what it means to be in the light. The text in this chapter is so powerful that it prompts the reader to reread the chapter after completing it so as to internalize the message better. Every chapter in the book follows the same approach. The author describes new and unfamiliar terms before proceeding to insightfully write about the subject being discussed. Biblical scriptures in between the narration were a great addition especially for Christians that enjoy reading the bible.

Several chapters spoke to me in the book but I had a few that I could call my favorite. The first chapter that had me appreciate the author for his work was about adulthood versus maturity. To be an adult does not mean that you have matured. Many adult still stick to their childhood ways even when they have advanced in age. This chapter will inform you about the difference between the two terms and how they are related. Other chapters that were extremely fascinating to read were about faith, forgiveness, baptism and the elements in Christ’s church, repentance, love, charity and much more. Every chapter had a life lesson in between the text. The lesson could be about one’s spirituality, relationship with God, love for other beings or how to navigate the challenges on earth.

One of the best features about Dr. Lauren J. Ball is how clear he is. It is not difficult to read or understand his text as the author uses simple and explicable terms. Expanding Our Light helped me understand the love of God and why faith is an important tool for all believers. Expanding Our Light is an enlightening and thought-provoking read that will inspire its readers.

Pages: 268 | ISBN: 1953223478

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