The Mind Games

Nikki Haase
Nikki Haase Author Interview

Experiment A: Elimination is the exciting prequel to your Experiment X series. What inspired you to write a prequel to your dystopian trilogy?

Jack was a favorite character among many and it felt right to tell his story. I did think I was done with the series and ready to move onto another one, but I kept thinking about Jack’s past and how he became who he is—how they all became who they are.

What were some ideas that you were excited to explore in this prequel?

The mind games that Thaddeus plays with the Subjects was interesting to explore. The push and pull relationship he has with them, comforting them despite the fact that he’s the one torturing them, keeping them in this constant state of mental and emotional confusion. That’s not really explored in the trilogy.
And, Jack learning to become a leader and finding the voice that he possess in the trilogy.

How much has your fans, or the feedback from your trilogy, informed this novels development?

The fans reactions to the trilogy and Jack’s character (several people have claimed Jack as their book boyfriend, lol) influenced and informed the novels development quite a lot. There are a few things within Experiment A: Elimination that should pull on the heartstrings pretty heavily if one has read the entire trilogy already.

Do you have plans to write more stories within this world or are you working on a different story?

Yes! I have a book two for the prequel I am currently working on and I’m hoping to get it out by 2022! After that, I’ll be working on a dystopian fantasy that deals with a newly immortal hitman, his best friend—the devil’s daughter, and Lucifer himself. I’m pretty excited about it!

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Jack Cortex is a hydrokinetic super-soldier, created by the United States government. At seventeen, he still only knows the inside of the Lab and the horrors it contains within its walls. Jack has lived at this facility for nearly his entire life, training alongside other Elemental super-soldiers—or Subjects—to become the perfect weapon. The weakest of them are disposed of through rounds of near-constant torture and fights that lead to death. Jack and the others are told that this is for the best, that the outside world is full of horrible, evil people. If they are not the deadliest soldiers to walk the streets they will not survive, and they will not be able to save those that they were created to protect.
Conversations of a new form of eliminations begin circulating throughout the cells in hushed, terrified whispers. The rumors are confirmed when Doctor James Thaddeus begins picking off the Subjects himself, seemingly at random. Those that survive the execution rounds are forced to kill each other in bloody battles.
Jack Cortex and his friends know one thing for certain: they have to survive.
By any means necessary.

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