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Roger Darnell
Roger Darnell Author Interview

The Communications Consultant’s Foundation explains and educates readers on various topics that will help them excel in their personal and professional lives. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I feel very lucky to have found my way onto this career path unintentionally. If I had known about it earlier in life, I think I could have been even more successful sooner – so, I wanted to get the knowledge out to others as quickly as I could. However, I didn’t know what the most important aspects were to focus on, before I started outlining the content. The more I thought about it, the more I added, and I shuffled things around until I felt like I had a pathway that would bring others along constructively. What you’ve read is the first half of the book I originally conceived. The companion “Master Plan” volume will be out by year’s end, and it gets even more specific with proprietary contract language (thanks to the illustrious Michael Terpin, my former boss) and what amounts to a blue-print to operating a successful PR consultancy. I hope a lot of people will follow your lead and use what I’ve written to build their careers to new levels, even if they are starting out from scratch.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about public relations?

There are quite a few colorful and widespread misconceptions. Many years ago at a trade show, I saw an older gentleman in a crowd, shaking everyone’s hands as fast as he could grab them and passing out his business cards like a machine. I think I still have the business card: The logo was two hands shaking, and the headline read “Mister PR.” There’s that classic “Flim-Flam Man” version, and now, you can watch PR aces working magic on TV, like those advising the Roy family on “Succession.” A lot of people don’t understand that much of the work of PR has to do with writing. There is a skill set that can be learned, especially for those willing to exercise their writing abilities and commit to ongoing learning to stay sharp. There is a lot of overlap with “Influencers,” and when a PR person is especially successful, that’s what they become.

What is a recent trend in public relations that you feel has the potential to change things?

Things are always changing. One of the things that is encouraging to me about this field is, I feel there are a lot of layers to it (and everywhere, smart practitioners helping themselves and others be more successful). My book references this article I love, from publicity expert Joan Stewart: “How to Publicize a Garden Walk and Other Local Events.” ( That article teaches people exactly how to use the PR skill set very productively – which is potentially life-changing for those who read it. I mentioned Influencers … they are an immense force at work in marketing communications worldwide. As you know, I am optimistic ; I have a sense of a growing population of smart communicators who are going to unite superpowers for good.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

There are a few – all are addressed in your review. I’m hoping people will see a new way to work, pursue it, and own it. As those sparks fly, a new communications consultant will start shaping their own success, then another, and another. I will be celebrating each one like a proud papa.

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For all professionals and students who want to improve their prospects in business, this book prepares and positions them to build dream careers, giving them the education and guidance required to develop vital soft skills, and work remotely and independently.
After establishing a foundation for solid professional communications on a personal level, it quickly opens doors to business insights and opportunities that are exciting, inspiring, and highly sustainable. Immersing readers into the key realms of business success and exploring the full spectrum of essential communications practices, they gain knowledge and trade skills of immense value, including:
• The basics of positive, proactive, strategic communications for individuals and organizations
• What it means to be a PR expert in the creative industry and to do great work
• An introduction to essential business imperatives, with high-level instruction on creativity, strategy, leadership, management, marketing, and much more
• Customer service and all it entails
• Extensive exploration of the PR toolset and its application in real-world marketing scenarios
This book brings home all instruction with sophisticated questions and challenges, ensuring readers have every opportunity to comprehend and grow, step by step.

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  1. Thank you for this opportunity, Thomas, and for your interest: Very much appreciated.

  2. Thank you very much for this interview, Thomas, and for your interest: Greatly appreciated.

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