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Honor The Poet Within Me

Roger Darnell Author Interview

Arc of the Poet tells your story from adolescence into adulthood documenting the moments that impacted your creative journey. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Words have always been magical for me. In this book, I’ve written about how my mom challenged me to use my knack for wordplay to make my mark on the world. I have been aiming to make words count ever since.

Building on my achievements in business and as an author, I have been very fortunate to be able to help a lot of rising entrepreneurs and luminaries set themselves apart and succeed. Still, along the way, I have not done much to honor the poet within me who has been hard at it for decades. Arriving at a place where life had gotten especially sweet, I finally figured out how I could tell my story and highlight my poetry in a way that might make it interesting for others to read.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

While I have experienced some challenges in life, they pale compared to what many others face every day. That said, together with my family, we all experienced a real-life nightmare back in 1991 when my larger-than-life big brother Scott experienced a spinal cord injury. This is obviously something very heavy, and over the years, I have seen how this subject tends to turn most people away. The day-to-day reality of paralysis is undoubtedly harrowing. Nonetheless, facing those difficulties has brought out the absolute best in my brother, my mom, my wife, and an army of others. Every day, my brother is an amazing inspiration to all who know him. In this book, it was essential for me to tell my version of his story. Our fates have been intertwined throughout my life, and they always will be.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

As it relates to the experiences of writing and publishing this book, this and your other questions have me thinking about one of the amazing people we only met because of Scott’s injury. Named Gaye Henderson, she was a mother with an adult son who also was a quadriplegic. As I wrote in the book, she and my mother formed a very close friendship and had prolific intercontinental correspondence over many years. There is an experimental piece of mine entitled ‘Wordworth’ published in this book, which I submitted to literary publications far and wide, with zero luck. My mom shared it with Gaye at one point, and Gaye responded by writing me a wonderful letter (also shared in the book) making a very big deal over it, and encouraging me to persevere in sharing it with others. Going back to your first question, her encouragement gave my inner poet new life. Without it, this book probably would not exist.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

To me, every person is an entire universe. When I was thinking about who might be willing to spend time with my manuscript before it was published and provide an endorsement, I dug deep and reached out to quite a few people who have brightened my life at key times over the years. Their words appearing in the books are among the most meaningful gifts I have ever received. With this in mind, I hope readers will be inspired to write, to share those efforts with others, and to experience similar gifts through these activities. Also, despite not being in close contact with my high school drama teacher Leslie “Jinx” Caulfield in recent times, his impact on my life has always felt very special. When I asked him to write the book’s foreword, he came through magnificently. He deftly called out a very important takeaway for me, and it’s my great honor to share his words here.

“There is even a wonderful exercise for budding and advanced poets and writers,” he writes. “Roger calls it Ramble. Kerouac talks about life on the road and leaving friends behind for new adventures. He describes this experience as looking in the rear view mirror as he pulls away and everyone getting smaller and smaller until they disappear and it’s time to look forward again. Ramble is a bit like that and Roger’s writings remind me that life is temporary as are all things – and details become more beautiful and profound when viewed through the eyes of a poet.”

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With these words, Lila Ridings-Darnell moved her second kid to pursue his life’s calling: “I write, and Dad wrote, but I think you’re the one who’s going to do something with it.” After taking aim as an adolescent, at age 44, the author began compiling this poetic memoir to document his progress creatively. Connecting with global legends of entertainment, business, and literature on his journey in the film and TV trades, Roger’s focus intensifies as his setbacks, near-misses, and moonshots add up. His illuminating existential payoffs are sure to inspire everyone who dares to dream big.

Arc of the Poet: A Poetic Memoir

Arc of the Poet by Roger Darnell is a wonderfully expressive memoir. This book tells the story of Roger’s upbringing, including various hardships and joyful moments, which become the source of the author’s creative inspiration for writing. The author’s story begins in the 1960s when his mother was a writer and a poet. She becomes one of the main inspirations for Roger’s journey into writing and creativity.

The author takes the reader on a thoughtful and observant journey through his early years, where he faced hardships and extraordinary events. The language is engaging and the writing is sharp which helps convey the importance of art and how it enhances one’s life. All of this in a little over one hundred pages, which goes to show Roger Darnell’s skill as a writer in keeping everything concise yet potent. This is an emotionally resonant memoir as readers will be able to relate to the feeling of not being or doing enough, which I feel is one of the most common struggles with artists.

Throughout the book, the author expresses how he needed to improve his writing, and in doing so, while struggling with life, he felt vulnerable and inadequate at times. I appreciated the candid nature with which Roger told his story. Readers will be able to understand him, if not relate to him. I found Roger’s story highly relatable because I could personally identify with these experiences.

Arc of the Poet is a stirring and engaging memoir that I thoroughly enjoyed. From the deeply personal perspective of a life well lived to the heartfelt reflections, Roger Darnell has written a delightful and evocative memoir. I recommend it to anyone who can relate to the struggles of a creative life, or to anyone who wants to understand the obstacles artists face.

Pages: 118 | ASIN: B0BLG6SVFT

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Keep My Passion Alive

Roger Darnell Author Interview

The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan outlines the steps that people should follow to have a successful career in public relations. Why was this an important book for you to write?

To clarify just a bit, this book is definitely intended to help people have successful PR careers – but it is also more focused on independence, and building, operating, and even selling one’s own shop. Since finding my way onto this career path, I’ve felt very fortunate. What exactly did I learn that allowed me to become self-employed, land clients, build success, and enjoy the many rewards that make up what many people call a dream career? My goal was to put everything that seemed essential on the table, in the hope that it would work as a blueprint others could follow to blaze their own trails and build their own businesses.

I want to add – together with its companion volume, “The Communications Consultant’s Foundation,” these two books give readers everything I had in mind to share, and a lot more. Many of the brightest people I’ve ever known contributed content for the greater good. Importantly, thanks to my PR industry mentor and former boss Michael Terpin, book two also contains invaluable contract language that can be used to establish win-win relationships with readers’ own clients. It took me over a decade of exploratory diligence after college graduation to gain access to this particular key to the kingdom. Thanks to Michael’s generosity, everyone who reads “Master Plan” has direct access to it, and all the other information they need to know to land and manage accounts successfully.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

In a letter I still hold onto, our dear family friend, Mrs. Gay Henderson, made a very big deal over something I wrote back in 1995. In that, she urged me to “keep my passion alive in my writing.” A little of that kind of encouragement can go a long way, and I am still able to warm myself at the virtual bonfire she made for me, to make me feel like my writing was important and worthy of a larger audience.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

With book one, I wanted to illuminate a new way of working and provide the guidance and toolset to help anyone exploit it. With “Master Plan,” as mentioned, readers have everything they need to launch their careers as independent consultants, build a business according to their ambitions and passions, and plan out the rest of their career in extraordinarily fulfilling ways. My hopes are being achieved each time someone proceeds on this path, due to what I’ve written.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Yes. More extended writing projects are in the works, and I appreciate you asking about them. I hope your readers will visit my website, sign up for my mailing list, and keep in touch with me. There is a great deal shaping up, and I am seriously looking forward.

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This volume builds on Roger Darnell’s The Communications Consultant’s Foundation by providing insider knowledge gained over the past three decades atop the field of communications consulting, incorporating lessons learned serving businesses in the global creative industry.

Going beyond the basics of a communications consulting business, this book parses and distills the knowledge of top business management luminaries, helping readers build and expand their expertise to heighten their opportunities, and maximize all aspects and phases of their businesses, from start-up through to succession. It discusses essential topics including:

• The business of running a PR agency, with emphasis on landing clients and honing expertise to remain exceptional

• Advanced PR practices including investor relations and strategic planning

• Agency expansion, addressing growth and exit strategies

Working PR professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and recent graduates will appreciate high-level insights from a seasoned business owner, as well as templates for proposals, campaign planning, and more. Read with The Communications Consultant’s Foundation or on its own, this book will lead readers on life-changing journeys and help a new generation of smart communicators take their professional pursuits to the highest levels.

The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan

Roger Darnell has a master plan for you if you are looking into public relations and communications. This book is all you need to know how to navigate the appealing and sometimes challenging waters of communication, especially if you run an agency. The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan: Leveraging Public Relations Expertise for Client and Personal Success has the basics, the crucial information, and essential tips on being a better communicator whether as an individual, running a business, or as a representative in the corporate world. You will enjoy reading this book as the author shares the knowledge he has acquired over the years most subtly.

This book’s most important topics touched on winning and managing PR accounts, the right marketing plan, the art and craft of presentation, and agency management. Anyone running, heading, or planning to start an agency should focus on part two of this book, as it has every cheat code to manage a successful agency.

The author does a superb job breaking down his points into manageable chunks for the reader. When discussing subjects like Agency business, for instance, the author gives both hypothetical situations and real-life examples to drive his point home. Reading Roger Darnell’s work is a delight because of how engaging he is. Also included is his personal story; sharing this information will give readers an insight into how challenging and fascinating the PR life can be. Roger Darnell is not only great at explaining but also giving examples. Sharing his highs and lows in the industry was a fantastic concept as the reader can connect with him to a certain degree.

The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan: Leveraging Public Relations Expertise for Client and Personal Success will help you grow your business, attract clients swiftly and become more professional in your craft. Anyone that needs public relations in their professional or personal life will find this book beneficial.

Pages: 209 | ASIN : B09LBB8RJR

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Build Their Careers to New Levels

Roger Darnell
Roger Darnell Author Interview

The Communications Consultant’s Foundation explains and educates readers on various topics that will help them excel in their personal and professional lives. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I feel very lucky to have found my way onto this career path unintentionally. If I had known about it earlier in life, I think I could have been even more successful sooner – so, I wanted to get the knowledge out to others as quickly as I could. However, I didn’t know what the most important aspects were to focus on, before I started outlining the content. The more I thought about it, the more I added, and I shuffled things around until I felt like I had a pathway that would bring others along constructively. What you’ve read is the first half of the book I originally conceived. The companion “Master Plan” volume will be out by year’s end, and it gets even more specific with proprietary contract language (thanks to the illustrious Michael Terpin, my former boss) and what amounts to a blue-print to operating a successful PR consultancy. I hope a lot of people will follow your lead and use what I’ve written to build their careers to new levels, even if they are starting out from scratch.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about public relations?

There are quite a few colorful and widespread misconceptions. Many years ago at a trade show, I saw an older gentleman in a crowd, shaking everyone’s hands as fast as he could grab them and passing out his business cards like a machine. I think I still have the business card: The logo was two hands shaking, and the headline read “Mister PR.” There’s that classic “Flim-Flam Man” version, and now, you can watch PR aces working magic on TV, like those advising the Roy family on “Succession.” A lot of people don’t understand that much of the work of PR has to do with writing. There is a skill set that can be learned, especially for those willing to exercise their writing abilities and commit to ongoing learning to stay sharp. There is a lot of overlap with “Influencers,” and when a PR person is especially successful, that’s what they become.

What is a recent trend in public relations that you feel has the potential to change things?

Things are always changing. One of the things that is encouraging to me about this field is, I feel there are a lot of layers to it (and everywhere, smart practitioners helping themselves and others be more successful). My book references this article I love, from publicity expert Joan Stewart: “How to Publicize a Garden Walk and Other Local Events.” ( That article teaches people exactly how to use the PR skill set very productively – which is potentially life-changing for those who read it. I mentioned Influencers … they are an immense force at work in marketing communications worldwide. As you know, I am optimistic ; I have a sense of a growing population of smart communicators who are going to unite superpowers for good.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

There are a few – all are addressed in your review. I’m hoping people will see a new way to work, pursue it, and own it. As those sparks fly, a new communications consultant will start shaping their own success, then another, and another. I will be celebrating each one like a proud papa.

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For all professionals and students who want to improve their prospects in business, this book prepares and positions them to build dream careers, giving them the education and guidance required to develop vital soft skills, and work remotely and independently.
After establishing a foundation for solid professional communications on a personal level, it quickly opens doors to business insights and opportunities that are exciting, inspiring, and highly sustainable. Immersing readers into the key realms of business success and exploring the full spectrum of essential communications practices, they gain knowledge and trade skills of immense value, including:
• The basics of positive, proactive, strategic communications for individuals and organizations
• What it means to be a PR expert in the creative industry and to do great work
• An introduction to essential business imperatives, with high-level instruction on creativity, strategy, leadership, management, marketing, and much more
• Customer service and all it entails
• Extensive exploration of the PR toolset and its application in real-world marketing scenarios
This book brings home all instruction with sophisticated questions and challenges, ensuring readers have every opportunity to comprehend and grow, step by step.

The Communications Consultant’s Foundation

The Communications Consultant’s Foundation: Leveraging Public Relations Expertise for Personal and Client Success is divided into 3 parts titled ‘Foundation’, The Arena’, and ‘Communications Consulting’. Each of these sections in the book deal with subjects that are related to communications and public relations in a professional setting. I love that the author divided the various topics into sections, as it helps with the organization of the book and better comprehension for the reader. The Communications Consultant’s Foundation is an informative and useful book that will help you with your communication skills with others in your profession and also help you when having casual talks with those that you interact with personally.

There are more than a dozen topics that the author focused on in his book. The main topics are communications and public relations. The author writes in depth and shares experiences from his career when expounding on a topic. Whether a student, entrepreneur, or professional, author Roger Darnell ensures that you will understand his message. His style of explaining is clear and simple. He talks of complex subjects using simple words that are easily understood by the average reader. His use of layman language when explaining intricate terms is one of my favorite features in his writing.

The book examines and explains a variety of prevailing topics like managing finances, running a business, effective communication, entrepreneurship, client-proprietor relationships, leadership, customer care, and branding among other things. After just a few pages into each chapter I felt like I had a good understanding of the topic. The author is erudite  in all areas of communication. His tone when talking about serious issues is encouraging and also motivating.

The Communications Consultant’s Foundation is an informative and practical guide for anyone aiming to join the fields of public relations and communications. The author has useful bits and nuggets of wisdom that will help you navigate the corporate world. With the amount of in-depth information shared in this book I feel like this book can help you build your career from scratch, help you to ascend to higher positions, and help you achieve your career goals. The Communications Consultant’s Foundation shares advice that is easily actionable and shares information that will put readers on equal footing with professionals in the industry.

Pages: 179 | ASIN: B0997RGJSN

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