It’s Time To Be Inspired

IT’S TIME TO BE INSPIRED by [Garcia  Douglas]

It’s Time to be Inspired inspires readers to live a better life. The author writes about life experiences, sharing situations that she has been though and how she overcame obstacles. Author Garcia Douglas is an excellent writer and amazing at giving motivational talks. Reading this book is like a form of therapy. The reader gets the impression of being heard when reading the text in the book. It’s Time to be Inspired is the kind of book that one reads and keeps it for future reference because the message by the author is not only inspiring, but can also be used to help one out of difficult situations. I enjoyed reading Garcia Douglas’ thoughts and the advice she shared.

I felt connected to the author from the start of the book. The introduction part of the book was well written and gets one to familiarize oneself with the author a bit. I enjoyed reading about finding a way out and getting solutions. When Garcia Douglas talks about a problem, she gives the reader time to think and reflect, then offers possible solutions. I found this technique that she uses to be helpful as it made me improve my critical thinking skills. The author oozes wisdom with every new page and that is one of the many reasons why everyone should read this book. Her content appeals to young and older readers, students, business folk, parents, children, professionals, and everyone that is striving to be better versions of themselves.

There is a variety of topics that the author talked about in depth. I enjoyed every subject covered and mostly loved the content she had about staying positive and living one’s dreams. Not many people get to live their dreams. Life can get to be complicated and thus deny things that they crave. Garcia Douglas however has a step by step guide that will enable you to enjoy the life that you have.  As a reader, whether struggling or doing okay by yourself, Garcia Douglas has something for you. I applaud her for the warm words of encouragement and for writing about experiences that readers can resonate with. This book gives one a sense of positivity and fulfillment.

By the end of the reading, you get to appreciate life and swear to work harder and smarter. It is amazing how a book can change one’s perspective of life. The chapters on making money, being kind to others, never giving up, and staying motivated have wisdom that can be used throughout your life. This book will change your perspective on life and help you take a better approach to the obstacles in your life. The author gives lessons about personal relationships, career, family, personal growth, finances and better living. There are plenty of quotable lines in the book that one can live by. Garcia Douglas is full of warmth and prudence.

It’s Time to be Inspired is an uplifting and empowering book with pragmatic and actionable advice that I found to be useful today and in the future.

Pages: 62 | ASIN: B09D2BY1MT

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